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First you may ask why a relocation guide to my home country? There is no doubt you already know that Romania has picturesque sceneries, remarkable traditions and great people that make us proud.

Now, we think it`s time to present you Romania from another point of view, showing you the rise of the IT field, an area of interest for you.

IT Community Relocation Guide is the eBook that showcases real facts about the Romanian IT market in terms of income, technologies, cost of living, tech events or opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as insights from IT professionals working abroad.

Think Tech. Think Deutsche Bank. Bucharest.

We became a global leader by using innovative solutions that have helped put us at the forefront of our industry. If the thought of working in a fast-growing area of technological innovation motivates you, there could be an exceptional future for you at our Deutsche Bank`s technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe.

About our partner DB Global Technology in brief

DB Global Technology is Deutsche Bank’s technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe. Opened in January 2014, the Bucharest office is constantly expanding.

DB Global Technology develops cutting-edge software applications for Deutsche Bank’s global operations and represents a platform for highly skilled software engineers. The team members specialise in Software Application Development, IT Architecture, Quality Assurance and Testing, Functional/Business Analysis and Project Management.

Read the Guide and find out why being part of the Romanian IT Workforce has so many benefits!

BEX. There is so much behind this word:
First of all, there is the company: Bucharest Excellence Centre of Deutsche Bank. A greenfield initiative, a young, dynamic and innovative software development center. But most of all, efficient.

And then there are the people: Tech savvy and with great passion to achieve, to do great things, passion to participate, passion to be part of the whole and, most of all, passion to make an impact. From being together to practicing sports, we are keen on helping others while enjoying whatever we do. We sing, we teach, we dance, we paint…you name it!

BEX. is itself a world on our homeland. Satisfaction and fun combine to provide a state of the art environment for us to make a difference express ourselves and have our voices heard.

The right workplace is YOUR choice.
If BEX. may be it, we can be an option.

If you arrived at this point, then you should know that this is not a question about where you should plan your next holiday.

Time brings change and evolution and at this point Romania has become a land of opportunities for IT professionals: several years of successive growth of the IT industry, an impressive number of start-ups emerging on the market, new cities becoming tech hub centers and companies investing more in their employees’ development and well-being are only some of the highlights that shaped the Romanian IT industry.

The IT&C sector in Romania produces more than 6% of the country`s GDP. According to the forecasts, by 2020 it will be worth EUR 4 billion. Moreover, in 2016, our country ranked the best ratio per capita for IT&C professionals among CEE countries.

Moreover, lately the focus is on the development of Romania’s own tech industry. Our talent, education and many other initiatives have a positive impact in keeping the IT community engaged on building a leading industry. We have over 50 universities that include a technical degree, more than 300 home-grown startups all over the country and even an income tax exemption for IT&C employees.

And that`s not all. See more about incomes, cost of living and growth opportunities for the IT professionals working in Romania.
DOWNLOAD: IT Community Relocation Guide to Romania .
The stories of successful professionals drive us to continue the journey that we have started 3 years ago: to attract Romanian specialists working abroad and reintegrate them on the national market.

We value professionals who dare to take their careers to the next level of success and have an impact on the world around them. And even if some of them left the country in search of better career opportunities at a certain point, they still inspire us to do more in order to change Romania.

Since then, 30 Romanian specialists who returned to the country joined our team at Deutsche Bank`s technology centre in Central and Eastern Europe. What was the trigger and how did they decide to return to Romania? How did their international experience shape their careers and in what manner did it help them adopt a new perspective on the IT opportunities in Romania? Their stories are not only an empowering message for Romanians working outside the country, but also a valuable lesson coming from powerful people that always dare to achieve more.

Opportunities for those who are dynamic and daring

Carmen Chirita is currently Head of Doimain for the Legal department at DB Global Technology. She relocated to Switzerland in 2012 as part of an important telecommunications company. She first worked as a Senior Project Manager, and in 2015 she was already leading the Service Design department for the same company.

"There were many challenges, positive at the same time, and some of them turned into great development opportunities, while others into dear memories. For example, while managing a transformation program at company level, I had the opportunity to manage multicultural teams and be visible and present in the Management Boards. This gave me a perspective on the strategic decisions and, sometimes, gave me the chance to directly contribute to them." says Carmen Chirita.

However, Carmen says the experience in Switzerland was more of a professional validation and a benchmarking exercise between working methods in Romania and those used abroad. Once the transformation program for which she joined the company in Switzerland team was delivered, she considered that it was time to come back and see how things developed. Since then, she is part of the DB Global Technology team and she is convinced that she made the right decision.

Restart in Romania

Florentin Lazar, now Functional Analyst at DB Global Technology, whose expat story began in 2014, in France, came back with similar insights. At that time, his decision to leave the country was based on his own feelings of being professionally limited "I have always felt a bit "of an immigrant in my own country", so… it was a good moment to press CTRL+ALT+DEL. "

There, he worked for two real estate companies (the largest in France), as analyst and software consultant. Since France was a compromise solution for him, when he found an opportunity to work remotely, he decided to come back to Romania. "In general, I reached the conclusion that my place wasn’t in France. From the fact that too few French people speak English, to the idea that I did not work in my field … – all of these stopped me from insisting, not having a somewhat predictable horizon," Florentin Lazar mentions.

If you think that coming back to Romania is a good idea, we come to support your decision. In order to have a smooth return home, DB Global Technology will host 2 webinars where we will address your questions on relocation. During these sessions, you can talk to professionals inside the company about why it’s worth coming back home.

Because we want you to make an informed decision, for our first webinar we have partnered up with ANIS Romania. Their representatives will give you insights and statistics on the IT context in Romania in the last years.
The first webinar will take place on July 20

For our second webinar we will get a bit more technical and we will talk about SDLC, more specifically, how Deutsche Bank is implementing the System Development Life Cycle in the DB Technology Centre located in Bucharest.
Book your spot below and see you on July 27. Register to a webinar.

All you have to do is register for the webinars and join us for a discussion. Once registered, we will come back to you with details about the topics, on when and how you can attend the online session.

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