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Take out new approaches in software development, highlighting its transition to 2020.

DevTalks’ purpose is to continue to be driven with the help of your involvement. Took this challenge 2 years ago and brought to you speakers & partners who can answer to “What to improve?” “What are the new skills on the market?”, “Developers have to evolve all the time, but where are we heading to?”, “What is the current status on IT projects in Romania?”. So yes, let’s make a buzz and bring all you need on the stage!

Bucharest’s edition will always represent the start of a great gathering of forces and will remain the core of what DevTalks means. Thus, take out new approaches in software development, highlighting its transition to 2020. This year, we want to bring sessions on Machine Learning, AI&Robotics, IoT and wearables that will better describe our current evolution and projects that it is time to become visible on the market.

Still open to suggestions so don’t hesitate to click contact us and give us a hint about what is out there and should bring it to our audience attention.

Take a look at what are the current areas form where you can take the most of.

Exhibitor Area

Where you can showcase your organization through exhibition stands and hospitality spaces. You can provide a sneak peek into the new lineup in technology innovations such as new devices, wearable, application and much more.​

Networking Area

The key component of every event that we organize is networking with other professionals and encourage the participants to enjoy great talks or enjoy the free time to send urgent e-mails and solve last minute tasks. Attendees can also enjoy the evening with a cocktail party after the closing where everybody can remain in the networking area and have a drink.

Live demos 

This year we’re offering the opportunity for the participating companies to organize a live demo at the exhibitors’ booths, where the attendees are invited to participate and learn new practical techniques.

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Startups Area

At DevTalks 2016 we’re creating a special zone for tech startups! This area is designed in order to facilitate interaction between tech entrepreneurs and the participants and encourage them to share information and explore common grounds.

Want to find out more about this area? Leave us an e-mail at We’ll be happy to talk more.

Arrive at the venue: Bucharest
Dev Talks 2016, Bucharest Romexpo

The event program


9 June 2016

09:00 - 19:00

Who`ll be there
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