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Dear readers,

How would you feel if we told you that we have the answer for a well-known need: the need for guidance at the beginning of your professional journey?

We are Oana and Roxana, part of BAT Romania Team. If you know us, we’re happy to hear that we sparked your interest. If this is the first time you hear about BAT Romania, stay with us for a little while, you won’t regret it.

In this article we would love to tell you about our personal experiences working for BAT Romania, but also show you how you can gracefully start your career, or even change the course of it.

Starting with the introduction:

BAT Romania is one of the largest tabacco companies with a global impact. In Romania, it is present with 3 entities:

  • BAT DBS, the center providing global support to BAT entities with expertise in financial, human resources, automation, and innovation;
  • BAT Trading, the company's commercial area with headquarters in Bucharest, as well as..
  • BAT Investment, the production factory in Ploiești. However, we like to consider that we are all part of the same big family BAT Romania.


Back to me, Oana. I started working at BAT DBS Romania back when I had no experience at all. I had just finished my master's studies and wanted to start working in HR. Luck was on my side when I was given the opportunity to work, without experience, in the BAT DBS Romania recruitment team. Since then, 5 years have passed, during which I had the chance to learn from the best. I moved from the position of Junior Recruiter to Mid and Senior Recruiter, and currently, I coordinate Employer Branding activities in 6 countries.

As for me, Roxana, I joined the HR team at BAT Trading in May 2023 to focus on the well-being of my colleagues through learning and development programs, Wellbeing workshops, integrating new colleagues into the company, as well as many other projects promoting the BAT work environment externally. After over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Sales, I was thrilled by the opportunity to diversify my experience within a new field, and that's what I find remarkable about BAT.


We invite you to watch the following video, in order to better grasp the concept of the programme we're going to tell you about:



Now that you got more in tune with BAT Romania, here are the Global Graduate Programme opportunities we would like to show you:


For these roles, you need to have a maximum of 3 years experience in Finance or related fields such as Finance Controlling, Reporting, Analytics, Operations, Accounting or Process Improvement.

Some benefits that you will receive as a Global Graduate:

  • A real job assigned in executive level and several rotations in different cross-functional GBS Finance
  • Competitive salary;
  • International exposure in developing your people and management skills;
  • 2 weeks training at the BAT Global Graduate Academy with your peers from around the globe;
  • Flexible work schedule, competitive benefits package including medical subscription, life and health insurance, transportation allowance, Christmas and Easter;
  • An Entry Level Manager role after the successful completion of the 18-month Global Graduate program and many more.


You can watch the following video in order to understand the important of putting passion in what you do. That’s what defines BAT Romania


How does it sound? 😊We hope this represents a great career change, or even the beginning of your career.

Of course, you can share this message with your friends if they are suitable for our opportunity.

See you soon,

Oana and Roxana from BAT Romania

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