Dev Talks 2016 Dev Talks Cluj 2016 Dev Talks Bucharest 2016
What can you find at Dev Talks 2016 ?

Developers and IT enthusiasts, we’re more than glad to announce that we’re setting the scene for DevTalks 2016 edition.

You’re invited to join us for a one day event of peer-to-peer interaction, valuable advice, best practices and high profile speakers in an environment designed for innovation and solutions in software development.

The conference will take place at Liberty Technology Park on May 11th in Cluj-Napoca and at Romexpo C1, C2 on June 9 th in Bucharest. You’ll meet over 40 international and local speakers  who will address the latest trends in Mobile,Web,BigDataCloud Computing, IoT, smart devices and more in the light of the evolution of technology and the transition to 2020.

Clear your schedule and stay put because this year we’re bringing new things to the table.


We will discuss the ways in which IoT, Smart Devices, AI & Machine Learning will transform and shape the society of tomorrow.


The talks featured on this stage will focus on Big Data & Cloud and also on the correlation between them.


The speeches will address the latest trends in mobile development: popular tools, frameworks etc.


The ubiquitous Web still plays a major role in software development. This track features topics&trends on the future web.

Dev Talks 2016 Cluj Napoca, 11th of May

Coming soon in Cluj, on 11th of May! Dev Talks 2016 in Cluj will take out new approaches in software development and teach how to use them efficiently. This is the context where thought-leading speakers from all the major trends and appreciated leaders in their field will share their learnings and best practices. During the 5 tracks of the event you’ll learn the methods and which is the best approach depending the area of interest.

Dev Talks 2016 Bucharest, 9th of June

On June 9th, with the help of our forces (speakers, partners, Hipo community, IMWorld) we have designed topics which address the needs of those who are interested in mobile, web, cloud computing, big data or IoT. Anything missing from the list? Feel free to contribute – we are more than happy to invite you join our forces.