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CGS România – Business în creștere cu 10% în primul trimestru

În contextul creșterii constante a cererii globale pentru servicii de suport, Computer Generated Solutions (CGS) România, liderul pieței locale de profil, a recrutat, în primul trimestru, 200 de noi colegi.

ASER | Make some memories

ASER da startul campaniei “10 Pentru Sesiune”, prin intermediul careia vei primi motivatia necesara pentru a trece cu bine de examene.

5 Sustainability Themes to Expect in 2022

Sustainalytics founder discusses how climate puts sustainability on the agenda, as well as the rise of retail investors.

Banks’ ESG Risks Related to the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Investors’ Radars

As the conflict in Ukraine continues unabated, various jurisdictions, including the EU, the US, and the UK, have deployed stringent sanctions and bans on Russian banks in an effort to limit Russia’s ability to finance its defence sector and war efforts. Investor interest in the banking sector remains high as the impact of sanctions unfolds. Based on Morningstar Sustainalytics’ research, total unmanaged risk...

ESG Impacts of the War in Ukraine: Global Food Supply

The invasion of Ukraine highlights the fragility of the global food system. The destruction caused by the war and subsequent trade restrictions on Russia, endangers a significant percentage of the global food supply coming from two of world’s leading agricultural commodity exporters, consequently prompting food prices to surpass the 30-year high.

Biodiversity loss and climate change call for a nature-positive economy – Stewardship may lead the way

The decline of biodiversity is accelerating at an alarming rate for the global economy, which is highly dependent on biodiversity and natural capital. More than half of the world's GDP, equal to $44 trillion USD, is moderately or highly dependent on nature.i

Looking at ESG in Crypto, Blockchain, and Public Equities

Investors can face risks related to noncompliance with respect to tightening regulations targeting the crypto market. This market also faces challenges related to the energy intensity of crypto mining which can have a large carbon footprint, depending on the sources of energy used in mining.

Frequently Asked Questions on What ESG Means for Companies

What will we have to do about ESG? What are the key issues we’ll need to address? How will we benefit from an ESG program? And, most importantly, for some, how will we pay for it all? Below, we’ve answered several frequently asked questions to help companies like yours understand what ESG means for you in practice.

De ce TechTalks este un must-have al acestei toamne?

TechTalks aduce in prim plan proiecte si tendinte fresh, demo-uri si initiative captivante. Este locul in care unele dintre cele mai faine companii tech si speakeri internationali participa pentru a da un boost urmatoarei generatii de oameni interesati de IT&C.

Career Talks – mai aproape de cariera ta ideala

Cu totii stim ca primii pasi sunt dificili si e greu pana inveti sa iti mentii echilibrul. De aceea, la Angajatori de TOP am pregatit o serie de webinarii care sa te ajute sa iti incepi drumul catre cariera dorita fara a te impiedica!