Be empowered by British American Tobacco with Vibrant Workplace Culture


Within the walls of every company lies a distinct and enriching environment. If you want to understand what truly makes BAT Romania a strong company and what's the essence of their culture, find out in this article and join their them. 

What is unique about your organisational culture (atmosphere and working environment, team spirit, innovation and adaptability, recognition, and rewards)?

We truly believe that at BAT we are not talking only about a job, but a career. We are a platform for personal and professional growth. We have cultivated a culture of trust, as one of our core values states, we are #EmpoweredThroughTrust.

Our people are encouraged to go beyond their daily tasks, by focusing on their long-term career journey. We support our employees with a variety of Leadership and Functional Learning and Development opportunities to further enrich their potential. Here, you can learn from BAT Leaders across the world.

Our dynamic work environment is in a constant state of transformation, providing broad space for new ideas and energy. We encourage innovative and out of the box thinking and we are the supporters of simplifying and innovating.

What is more, we believe in the power of meaningful connections. Our ways of working offer adaptable work arrangements and a flexible, hybrid work environment, which brings our diverse people together, fostering a sense of belonging.

We have modern workspaces, designed for the needs of our employees. Here innovative work meets fun: we have relaxation zones combined with a lush of green ambiance, a full flexible floor, sunlight and biophilia as well as gaming rooms. Wellbeing is our priority, therefore we have a great and exciting strategy to contribute to the Social, Emotional, Financial and Physical health of our employees.

Last but not least, we truly believe in the power of being celebrated and recognized. We have in place a recognition system based on our core values. The recognition is basically a voucher than can be allocated by a colleague, by your manager or by stakeholders, and the amount varies from a Thank You card to high value prizes, depending on your direct contribution and impact in a particular task or project.

What training / development programes do you offer?

At BAT we are excited by the talent we have in our business and the potential this brings us for the future.

We want to provide them with lifelong learning opportunities, as it is our goal to transform the potential of our talent into performance. So these programmes help them deal with the change we are experiencing, and provide them with the skills that are relevant at a particular point of their career. We have designed the L&D leadership agenda according to each stage of the career from an Intern to Senior Management. We are providing opportunities of learning in the area of storytelling with impact and gravitas, presentation skills, Leading Teams, Leading Yourself, Women in Leadership, Global Grad Academy, Good to Great for Leaders, etc. Also, Functional Development based on the specific function you may be part of, there is a variety of solid L&D agenda.

What does an employee receive in its first 3 months at the job?

It’s an exciting journey of learning and contribution. Our career framework is underpinned by the 4C - Connection, Culture, Compliance and Clarification which help us all build and engaged and high performing organization. You’ll be part of it!

We’ll make clear your role and responsibilities with a feedback mechanism, accelerate knowledge transfer, relationship building, immersing into our core values which are fundamental to each new joiner and prepare exciting occasions to meet each corner of our company: induction sessions, events to get to know your peers, factory visits and many more.

How the company supports a friendly and relaxed working atmosphere?

We have in place several ways, all based on communication, transparency and the power of connection:
  1. The power of feedback - we collect feedback from our teams in a bi-annual global survey, making sure that every colleague’s concerns, aspirations, and suggestions are taken into consideration
  2. Flexible work arrangements and diverse leaves supporting our people in their life moments
  3. Moments that matter – our strong employee engagement and communications initiatives such as wellbeing events, social responsibility events, townhalls, celebrations are brining our diverse people together
  4. Modern workspace designed for wellbeing, engagement and relaxation events
  5. Holistic wellbeing agenda including events such as: Monthly finance workshops, regular medical checkups, office chair massages, on site nutritionist support and on site aerobic classes, availability of fresh fruit and mixed nuts and ateliers that harness creativity (e.g., cooking, painting classes)
  6. Diversity and Inclusion celebrations & events – we have created a welcoming environment, where our teams feel accepted and valued for their unique perspectives and backgrounds


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