B2B event focused on tools and strategies that help business grow through online presence, digital marketing and business software.

We believe that Romania has the human talent, the technical competency, the drive and the passion to become a major Internet technology hub in the region. Internet & Mobile World wants to contribute in creating a sustainable momentum of vision and aggressive development for Internet industry in the region.
After a successful first edition, we kindly invite you to become part of this unique technology event and join us this year at Romexpo, for the second edition of IMWorld – happening on the 9th and 10th of October.

Catalyst Solutions
We are constantly innovating in the development of instruments which assist our access to talented candidates who are difficult to identify via classical recruitment channels. We support the companies’ efforts to build a powerful employer brand, capable of attracting talented candidates that can contribute to the growth of their organization. We are a young, creative and enthusiastic team, with two years of recognized performance. We provide solutions for the most prestigious companies in Romania. This is a proof of our commitment to provide sustainable ideas to our clients and of our endeavor to over-achieve.

We are the leading technology recruitment and selection consultancy in Romania, working on highly specialized technologies for permanent and interim positions. Since our inception in 2001 as the first specialized IT recruitment agency in Romania we supported over 400 national and global clients in acquiring strategic IT talent for their business. We love what we do and we strive to bring on the market new tools and opportunities for companies to improve their recruitment and selection capabilities. Being a partner in Romania for Kenexa, an IBM company, the largest HR consultancy in the world, it allows us to provide you with a complete testing platform for over 1,500 abilities, skills and psychological profiling. Due to our permanent and deep focus on the technology, we are the single trusted source for surveys and reports on Romania’s IT&C talent capabilities, salary surveys and candidate expectations towards their employers.

ENEVO Group was born from the founders’ desire to offer efficient solutions of control, automatization and SCADA for power industry, manufacturing, transport and distribution, but also for utilities industry. For ENEVO, the elegance of the system architecture, the innovation and the security are the basics principles of each project where our team is involved. ENEVO Group supports innovation and emerging technologies. The department of product development, in addition to their own projects, offers services of rapid prototyping through 3D printing technique to support Romanian retailers entrepreneurs or an industry who develop new products.

11 may 2016, 09:00