How interns at Systematic get a strong network from day one

Joining a new company, especially for entry-level employees, can be intimidating. You're entering a new community where you need to get accommodated with the other employees and the environment.

And it isn't easy to meet other people aside from your team members. That is why at Systematic, you have the chance to create a network from the beginning, during the onboarding.

To those unfamiliar with the term, onboarding is a series of activities and procedures companies use to integrate new employees into the organization. It offers a fun and engaging way for employees to familiarize themselves with the company's culture. Moreover, it presents an excellent networking opportunity, with colleagues worldwide joining the onboarding at our headquarters in Aarhus.

In spring 2023, our interns had the opportunity to attend the onboarding in Denmark. The week was filled with enjoyable games, activities, and insightful conversations about cultural differences and organizational culture.

As always, Michael Holm, our CEO and Vice Presidents from each business unit joined the onboarding to greet our new colleagues and share their visions, strategies, and plans for the upcoming year.

Fast forward a few months later, when asked what the most memorable part of their internship was, all our interns answered that the onboarding was a unique experience.

  Andra, one of our interns, says that the reason is: "because I got the chance to know a lot of people and meet great colleagues. I also learned more about the culture, the meaning behind the values and how Systematic works as an organization."

To Ana, another intern, "Going to Denmark with my colleagues, meeting people from different parts of the world, discovering new cultures, and engaging in various activities together was a fantastic experience."

  We truly believe that each and every employee is a valuable member of our community at Systematic. When new hires join our team, we welcome them warmly and show them they are appreciated. Our onboarding process is just one of the ways we support our employees and create an inclusive, positive workplace culture.

Come grow with us at Systematic, and let us help you reach your full potential!
We will start recruiting for the internship program soon, so keep an eye on us.


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