JTI Internship program 2019

JTI Internship 2019

Launched in 2008, JTI Internship programs reaches this year its 12 edition.
From 11 successful editions, 193 students welcomed so far in JTI and 32 of them are currently our colleagues.

What you get? 

A practical professional experience in a multinational working environment whilst learning from professionals in order to be at ease to choose your professional career path.

What is it about? 

Three months of full time working experience during your summer vacation (July 1st – September 30th).
A dedicated coordinator (senior professional) along the whole duration of the program. A well defined role with concrete responsibilities.

What we offer? 

Salary, benefits, vacation days, access to company wellbeing program.

Who can apply? 

Students (still enrolled for Bachelor / Master Degree) or graduates from the current year.

Which are the positions?

If you Join The Idea, please apply: www.hipo.ro/jti

JTI Internship - 2018 Generation

I had a totally different idea about what means a multinational company, but when I came to JTI this perception changed. People are friendly and happy to support you. For me JTI is a benchmark as an employer, as environment, as collective.
I started working here as HR intern and now I am Junior Recruiter, part of the Recruitment &Talent Management function. Being involved means very much to me. As a curious person I wanted to do things as much as I could, so I asked for projects and tasks. On the job training helped me to consolidate my expertise. If you want to learn, you can count on professionals teammates or online and offline resources, and you have the opportunity to put knowledge into practice.
Andreea Mihaela Neacsu – Junior Recruiter Associate

In the 3 months I’ve spent interning at JTI, I got to experience the true side of marketing. The Winston brand team adopted me with open arms since day one and I feel spoiled having gotten the opportunity to learn from true professionals. As my first work experience in a corporation of JTI’s caliber, this company has brought me in the presence of people that don’t respect classic hierarchies and give credit to your ideas even though you’re an intern. Concretely, I got to do my part in keeping the tobacco marketing landscape competitive through development of point-of-sale communication, trade materials and, most importantly, Winston’s promotional website. Since finishing the internship, I’ve accepted a full-time position in the brand management team and I am determined to prove that I can add value through my continuous contribution to JTI.
Alin Marian Postolache – Brand Activation Associate

My internship project consisted of planning preventive and corrective maintenance, reviewing the preventive maintenance task lists and monitoring in SAP PM the activities related to maintenance of the production lines. After those months of internship, I got the opportunity to stay in JTI and to learn more about engineering, about team work, about responsibilities and how you can manage them. At JTI I met competent people, around whom I want to develop my professional skills.
In internship, I'm convinced that I can evolve within JTI and I’ll have the opportunity to learn from professionals. It is a company that invests in the professional development of the employees.
Sorin Mihai Matei – Maintenance Planner Associate

My experience as an intern on JTI has exceeded my expectation, from the beginning I was pleasantly surprised of the organization because it helped us to get familiar with the company, the other interns and our managers. A very important and interesting event, that also surprised me, was the meeting with General Manager of Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria, because it showed us that the company is interest in our performance, our experience as interns, our problems and our feelings regarding the company. Regarding my experience as an intern, I can say that it helped me grow professionally and as a person. I really enjoyed working with the production team because they were very supportive, well prepared and very understanding persons.

Valentina Andreea Oprea – Process Engineer Associate

I'm glad that I had the opportunity to be part of JTI internship program. From the first contact I had with my colleagues I knew I wanted my future job to be here, in a world full of opportunities. The feeling of being part of a team where everyone respects and helps each other is incredible. Despite their busy schedule, people will take time to help you with your queries and offer you full support. I really feel JTI is a great life coach and the spirit here will get the best out of you.
Sebastian Florin Stan – Key Account Analyst Associate


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