This competition will be intense and we are looking to create a different experience for our participants.
DevHack’s long term purpose is to provide the set-up & the right stakeholders in order to develop smart solutions for a better local reality.  Ideas like new improvements at your working place, solutions for your daily challenges where you live, or if you met challenges when needing health care are our aims in having an impact in such a short time. 

We want this coding hours to count as a change and innovation in whatever we are dealing with. Thus, we are making a call to unite our forces together and during 24 hours 400 developers & sponsors could really produce valuable ideas.  
Company Benefits

Impact in the local reality by supporting teams which will create impactful solutions. Thus introducing on the market a hackathon with a purpose which will transform your day by day rutine.
Visibility towards 400 participants 
Online exposure: 10.746.960 total reach on Facebook, Website & Groups
Mentors line-up: We will bring experienced hackathon representatives from Telefonica, PayPal, Combell that will provide support during the coding hours. 

The Candidate’s Profile

Everybody who is strong at software or hardware is more than welcomed + Coders of any age, who master any language even if it is HTML/CSS, Javascript, Java, C/C++/C#, Phyton, Ruby, IoS, Android & others, looking for a job or not, interested in learning new skills or sharing theirs, participating for fun or for the prizes.

The Challenge

DevHacks will adress the following themes with an impact on local reality: 

There will be a total of 78 teams. 26 teams will be divided for each main issue (Health, Education, Smart City). 
The themes will be proposed by each company in a fun but general way with a strong impact in the local reality. 
On the day of the event there will be a raffle for the themes on each issue. Every company should provide at least 3 mentors. Every team will have a minimum of 3 members and a maximum of 5. Everyone starts coding at the same time. The mentors can be a part of the judging process. 

Don’t miss out DevHacks on  21st -22nd of November 2015. 

If you have any questions about DevHacks please contact us at: