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The Most Desired Employers Survey is the most complex instrument that assesses the perception and expectations of professionals, graduates and students and provides an objective measure of the attractiveness of your employer brand in this pool.

The Survey provides you answers to the following questions:

The Most Desired Employers Survey enables you to: 

You can choose between 3 categories of reports like: Standard Reports, Industry Reports or Personalized Reports.

Standard Reports & Industry Reports

The reports present 100+ actionable insights about the expectations & behavior of business/ technical pool for the Standard Report or from specific industries as: Banking, FMCG, Audit/ Accounting, Outsourcing, IT&C, Engineering for the Industry Reports. 

The reports include information about: 
Employment behavior (wanted industries & jobs, professional objectives, criteria for choosing an employer)
Relocation patterns (availability for relocation, triggers, target cities)
Wanted salary & benefits
Employer perception (which are the most wanted employers -> 1st and first 3 choices, which companies are perceived as offering the best salary / atmosphere / training, do people actually apply to jobs within their favorite employers and the reasons why they don’t do it)

Communication & recruitment (used vs. preferred communication channels for gathering information about employers, used recruitment channels)

Personalized Reports

It provides a deep dive into the insights related to the targeted pool of individuals, thus further detailing the information presented in the standard report. Moreover, it integrates it into matrices meant to ease the analysis of your positioning on the market as well as your competitors.

Examples of analysis:
Comprehensive profile of the fans of your employer brand vs. competition’s fans -> shows you which parts of your target you have reached and if there are still groups for which you need extra initiatives
Brand positioning analysis
Analysis on niche groups, depending on their:
  • Current job/ industry (e.g. Software Developers in Bucharest split on experience levels)
  • Location
  • Foreign language (e.g. German speakers with business background)
  • Educational background (e.g. students & grads from certain universities/ faculties etc.)
  • Industries they target (e.g. people who want to work in FMCG)
Drawing on a team of researchers, employer branding strategists and creative designers, we are able to shape strong employer brands, starting with determining the core differentiators and defining relevant and appealing employer value propositions.

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