Career Innovation Week will take place this year as 2 events:
  • HipoS Challenge in Bucharest
  • Career Innovation Week in Brasov and Ploiesti. 

HipoS’ Challenge
HipoS’ Challenge is an all-day career event which brings together high-potential candidates to showcase their skills through an industry case-study competition.

The event is now at it’s 1st edition, and it will take place on 7th of November 2015, in Bucharest. 

Why should your company participate? 
Direct interaction with the most suitable candidates
Dedicated case-study competition with 7 or 5 teams of 6 participants that meet your requirements.
Access an efficient method of selection for your career opportunities
You will have the possibility to observe how they work with each other and their leadership and communication abilities. Also, you can create a shortlist of candidates who will fit your desired profile.
Increased brand awareness as top employer in your industry
As partner in the project you benefit from a personalized promotion campaign, tapping an overall population of 120.000 high potential individuals.
Your off-the-shelf high potential pool
The HipoS Challenge Community can be accessed after the event through our promotional channels regarding your career opportunities.

How does it works? 

HipoS Challenge will be structured on 5 main industry tracks: Marketing, Sales, Commercial, Finance & Accounting and Engineering.

Career Innovation Week

Career Innovation Week stands for Technology, New Concepts and New career skills - three areas that are shaping the future in Technology for the best talent from Brasov and Ploiesti. 

           Career Innovation Week Brasov
  • 2nd edition
  • 12th of November 2015
  • 100 TOP participants
  • 1 day with top companies and candidates with technology background.

            Career Innovation Week Ploiesti
  • 3rd edition
  • 19th of November 2015
  • 100 TOP participants
  • 1 day with top companies and candidates with research&engineering background.

Why should your company participate? 
Reach 100 young talents: The selection process will include a customized form and the first 100  best scores will be invited at the conference.
Recruitment Efficiency: 40% out of the participants were selected for the internship and management trainee opportunities. Attract relevant candidates for your opportunities from Engineering & Technology fields
Brand Exposure: The event helps your company raise awareness and create a strong employer brand among the best students. Position your company in front of all top 100 participants during the opening sessions.
Cover Ploiesti and Brasov: The conference combines Business & Technology in 2 cities.

For more details about how you can participate at HipoS Challenge or Career Innovation Week, please send us an       e-mail at