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What is the Employers’ Guide

The Employers’ Guide is the main career guide for students, a publication released twice per year.  It contains relevant information about the job market and main players nationwide.
The 2 yearly editions of the Guide are:
1. Employers’ Guide – Technical Field - It will be published in October 2014 and distributed throughout October & November 2014.
2. Internship and Trainee programs– a collection of all the internship, trainee and management trainee programs on the market. It will be published in March 2015 and distributed during March-April 2015.

Don't miss the Technical Employers’ Guide

The Technical Employers’ Guide aims to develop a connection between companies and the young generation, using essential information that students can use in order to build their career path in technical industries. The guide is an efficient way to educate and inform students about the career opportunities they can access.

The Technical Employers’ Guide is an efficient way to build and consolidate the employer brand of the companies among technical universities and master students. The publication is a great foundation for promoting events, recruitment programs or business in the campus community.

The content

The publication includes sections addressed to students with technical background in areas such as: IT, Telecom, Engineering, Agribusiness, Automotive, Production and Logistics. 

The articles offer students the opportunity to create a big picture about many important issues, such as:

  • Getting an inside view of the industry from a professional's point of view;
  • Finding which relevant skills and educational background needed to start a career in a specific area;
  • Getting up to date with the evolution of the job market and the suitable career opportunities;

The Technical Employers’ Guide also includes a series of other valuable articles referring to: 

  • Strategies to search for the specific jobs & tips to easily start a career;
  • Effective ways to prepare for today’s workforce that Millennials can use;
  • Top 10 tech events in 2014-2015 that are a must-attend;
  • Ways to ensure an interview's success;
  • Important recruitment fairs & networking events students should prepare for.

Distribution method

The Technical Employers’ Guide will be published in October and it will be distributed during October & November 2014. The publication is an extraordinary chance for the companies to reach 50.000 students throughout its printed and online versions.
The distribution of Employers’ Guide, Technical Field covers the following university centres: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara and Iasi.


Our main target are undergraduates and Master's students majoring in:

  • Computer Science
  • Telecommunication & Electronics
  • Mathematics & Informatics
  • Cybernetics, Mechanics & Engineering
  • Management Technology Systems
  • Constructions
  • Transportation

Distribution statistics - Employers' Guide 2013

Our statistics show that 31% of those who received the publication have expressed their interest of taking IT positions, while the interest levels in terms of areas of expertise is the following: 28% engineering, 6% telecommunications, 5% constructions, 5% marketing & PR, 3% architecture & design, 3% transportation, 19% other areas.

If you are interested in a more detailed presentation and the possibilities to advertise your company, please contact us at ghidulangajatorilor@catalyst.ro.
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