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The group Asseco SEE is the largest operator in South-Eastern Europe in terms of revenue derived from sales of its software and services. We came into being as a result of the integration of the experience, knowledge and solutions of major segment leading IT companies operating in the region. Since the beginning, our company's subsidiaries focused on developing their own solutions in their market segments.

Our mission is to build a trustworthy and profitable global IT company providing our customers with high quality software and services

The formation of our regional group is a result of Asseco Poland SA's and Subsidiary Minority Shareholders' strategic convergence. Just after activities on the Polish and Slovakian markets, we are the third main pillar of the Asseco Group. The regional growth of our business has outpaced that of any other’s in the global Information Technology market.

Today our Group operates mainly in the following six segments of the information market:
Solutions and services for the banking sector

Solutions in the area of the mobile banking & authentication

Suppliance, installation and services in the field of ATMs and payment terminals

Solutions and services to the general business and telecommunication’s sector

Integration services and delivery and implementation of ICT systems and equipment

Payment gateway solutions

Today, Asseco SEE has 1.400 employees in the region

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