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Angajator: AGYS
  • Inginerie
  • Internship
  • IT Software
  • Tip job: part-time
    Nivel job: Student/Absolvent
  • Actualizat la: 29.11.2018
    Scurta descriere a companiei

    AGYS is a Swiss registered company with development center in Bucharest that has spent 14 years as a globally recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of high value, cross sector, process automation solutions and a blockchain-ready company.

    AGYS clients’ solutions have been deployed in 14 countries in Europe, Australia and North America and across industries such as Oil and Gas, Aviation, Energy and the Commercial and Consumer banking sectors. The company has been awarded on numerous occasions for its solutions by organizations in both the JAVA and .Net space and named by IBM as one of their most innovative global solutions partners.

    We are driven people!

    Not just in the running and growing of a business, but through the relentless pursuit of innovation in our chosen market space. Our drive led us to the development of a new generation of applications for the banking industry, that we named BankConnect. Our maturation as a company resulted from the development of a low code platform, before the term was even coined; going by the name of BlueFabric

    We are enthusiastic people!

    About what? Well, many things. Yet none more than the potential of blockchain technology; delivering decentralization, transparency and trust and with it, the potential for revolutionizing the way global business’ transact. Yet enthusiasm, or for that matter, ideas, mean little without action. That’s why we pushed ahead and in 2018 we launched a smart contract development platform designed to rapidly accelerate the development of smart contracts and therefore, liberate the development of blockchain applications themselves. One that we now call SmartFabric.

    For more info, visit us at


    - Currently pursuing (or just graduated) a degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems or a related field
    - Basic understanding of web development, programming (C, C++, Java, Perl, Python, R, SQL) and scripting
    - Basic understanding of Networks, Operating systems (Windows, Unix) and Databases
    - You have good written and verbal communication skills (both Romanian and English)
    - Ability and desire to learn and work with new languages and technologies as needed


    Bright people meet bright people!
    This is a paid internship and is addressed to enthusiastic and agile students. It will take place at our offices in Bucharest for a duration of twelve weeks.


    Module 1 – HTML, CSS and development tools
    • tools: Bitbucket, Jira, SourceTree
    • IDE: visual code
    • XHTML, HTML Elements
    • Elements attributes
    • CSS Selectors, CSS Properties, CSS Specificity
    Module 2 – JavaScript, jQuery basic
    • DOM
    • variables and scope
    • logic and arithmetic operators
    • functions, data types, exception handling, events
    • jQuery selectors
    Module 3 – VueJS
    • Development server: Yard, NodeJS
    • vue cli (setup project)
    • object oriented programming basics
    • components, controllers and views
    • forms and validations
    • observables
    • dependency injection and services, routing
    • basic quasar components
    Module 4 - SQL (DB2)
    • IDE: Data Studio
    • basic sql and DB data structure
    • data manipulation language (select, update, insert, delete)
    • aggregate functions and scalar functions
    • joins, subqueries, grouping and ordering
    Module 5 – Java SE
    • IDE: Eclipse
    • variables and objects
    • classes, interfaces, inheritance (overloading, overriding), polymorphism
    • collections
    • exception handling
    • logging
    Module 6 – Java Spring Boot Framework (synced with Analysis)
    • Development Server: Tomcat
    • project setup (spring boot)
    • maven and dependencies
    • spring web basics
    • hibernate - data access object, jpql
    • context dependency injection
    • rest services & clients
    • soap services & clients