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A little about us...

Aurachain Romania began its journey around 14 years ago, launching into the enterprise software market with a product focused on business process automation.

During this time, we have successfully delivered well over 100 process governance client solutions across 15 countries in Europe, Australia and the Gulf. We have also been recognized as a global award-winning leader and innovator in the enterprise software space.

Our relentless pursuit of innovation has led us to the development of the best low-code platform for volume process automation. And because we are enthusiastic about future technologies that promise to disrupt today's way of doing business, we pushed ahead to add a new enterprise blockchain dimension to our robust low-code development platform.


Today, Aurachain is the only company on the market with the ability to drive rapid, end-to-end automation for processes both on and off a blockchain network.

Over the years, Aurachain has expanded its presence with 4 offices located in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland and Romania. These host over 100 exceptional employees worldwide - the majority of which work out of our office in Bucharest.

Find out more about how Aurachain was founded straight from our CEO >>


About the product that we’re all so proud of...


Aurachain is the only low-code development platform on the market for the rapid creation and deployment of both digital process applications and smart contract applications on blockchain networks.

Our enterprise platform enables the visual creation of digital process applications, without the need for writing code. These applications can be either blockchain-enabled, self-executing smart contracts or digital apps.

Built and tested by an exceptional team of engineers and functional analysts with an obsessive attention to detail, the Aurachain platform drives fast-implementation cycles, rapid cloud deployment and business-driven application configuration.

By doing this, our vision is to become the bridge between current enterprise platforms and the business ecosystems of the future.


Why work for us?


At Aurachain you can rock who you really are in a team where you belong!


We know that success is achieved by ambitious teams that collaborate effectively. That’s why, at Aurachain, we cultivate a culture that promotes diversity (in opinion, style, backgound and thinking), constant learning, leading by example and that concetrates on nurturing talent by encouraging new ideas and supporting individuals to be truly creative.


There are so many reasons to bring your career here...


  • We make our employees the most raving fans, with the coolest benefits pack.

We like to keep our employees happy and this is why we give special attention to our benefits pack. Extra days off for refuel, breakfast, friday team lunch & the tastiest goodies @office, the best hangouts & perks for constant career and personal development, holidays festivities and surprises, healthcare and dental benefits... .This are just a few of our rocking benefits that promise to keep you happy, efficient and ready to bring to work the best of your abilities.


  • A rocking workplace located in a green oasis in the business center of Bucharest

Aurachain Romania site is an unique space that gathers some of the most talented minds in software development in the country. It is located in Bucharest busienss center, in the north, in the quiet and green area between Casa Presei Libere and Herastrau Park.

Our office space fosters well-being by spreading aroud a generous space, with large open spaces covered by natural light, big meeting rooms, 2 kitchens, rooftop terraces with great view and a relaxation area.

The area has fast access to supermarkets, pharmacy, several restaurants, beauty salon and many boutique shops and coffee shops.


  • We grow together and create unique memories!

We are building Aurachain together and we bring out the best in each other by sharing our skills, knowledge and experience. We practice an open communication culture in everything we do, from giving honest, constructive feedback, to communicating company updates and information to all employees. We challenge you with engaging work that ensures you build your skills and develop your talents, to be always on top of your game.

But this is only the business. Let’s talk about the fun times we have!


We organize recurring events to celebrate, bond and keep our teams’ unique spirit thriving. We make sure to include everyone at our on site and off site events and we always try to surprise our people with lots of fun.


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