Kickstart your career in the video game industry!

Kickstart your career in one of the most dynamic industries in the world – the video game industry!

About the program

The UBISOFT GRADUATE PROGRAM is an international program where you will have the chance to actively work on developing a video game along with a talented and friendly team. It is a life-changing experience for those who love games and want to impact millions of players around the world.

The Ubisoft Graduate Program gives you the possibility to apply to one of the following tracks: Gameplay Programmer or Online Programmer.

About Gameplay Programmers

Gameplay Programmers are the masters of all interactions in-game: they connect the player, the controller and what is displayed on-screen, making sure that all game systems (playable and nonplayable) interact in a believable way. They turn creative ideas into high-quality playable sequences and collaborate closely with designers, artists, animators and other development team members to offer a comfortable, immersive and fun game experience.

About Online Programmers

With the arrival of next-gen consoles and the evolution of player habits, video games are expected to offer a robust online experience, which represents the core of game development at Ubisoft.
Our online programmers play a critical role in ensuring millions of players are simultaneously immersed in a seamless, rich, game experience which they can enjoy with their friends from wherever they connect.

What’s next for you?

You will start your professional career with a two-year fast track program and work with talented game development teams in your country and abroad.
This hands-on approach will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced when making a game, enabling you to quickly advance your career goals.
In the first year, your will work in the Bucharest studio on developing the newest AAA titles, with support from your mentor. The following year, you will continue on the same position either in Bucharest or in another Ubisoft studio around the world. After these two years, you will continue your career path in the Bucharest studio.

Apply now until February 28th 2021

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