15 reasons why an IT professional should relocate to Romania

This year, DB Global Technology in partnership with HIPO launched a Relocation Program for the IT professionals working abroad. The project was a wider movement, willing to fully support the process of relocation, and included a set of actions presenting the evolution of the local tech scene and the opportunities for the IT professionals in Romania.

First, we carried out the IT Community Relocation Survey, investigating the professional needs of people who work or have worked abroad in the IT field. In order to find out their perspective on the possibility of relocating to Romania, we conducted a statistical analysis on 400 Romanian IT professionals and students who currently live in countries such as Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany or United Kingdom.

...and the results suprised us too! One of the findings shows that 76.97% of the respondents are receptive to the idea of moving back to Romania. This is the main drive that made us to continue this movement and design a special guide suited for the needs of IT professionals enthusiastic about coming back home.

In the end, DB Global Technology in partnership with HIPO developed the IT Community Relocation Guide, an eBook dedicated to the IT professionals and showcases real facts about the Romanian IT market in terms of income, technologies, cost of living, tech events or opportunities for entrepreneurs, as well as insights from IT professionals working abroad and much more.      


If you haven't made up your mind yet, here are 15 key points you can find in the eBook:
  1. The annual economic growth of the Romanian IT market by 2019
  2. Top 3 reasons influencing the relocation decision of an IT professional
  3. Top 3 most demanded programming languages in Romania
  4. How the income of an IT professional change based on the specialization and experience
  5. Educational opportunities for an IT professional in Romania
  6. The development of major tech cities in Romania
  7. Tech leading events in Romania at the moment
  8. The growth of the Startups and Small Businesses sector in Romania 
  9. 18 of the biggest IT communities on the development of the Romanian IT Market
  10. What is the most striking professional objective for an IT professional
  11. Interesting facts about the Romanian IT market
  12. How Romania became a major IT hub in Eastern Europe
  13. Child care & education in Romania
  14. What are the benefits of the medical sector
  15. The cost of living in Bucharest compared with top 5 capitals in Europe

 DOWNLOAD: IT Community Relocation Guide


Spread the word! If you have friends interested to come back home or just curious to find out more about the latest IT trends in Romania, spread the word and invite them to download the eBook and discover all the information they need to know in terms of statistics, income & opportunities of development for the IT professionals in Romania.


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