IT Relocation
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According to a research conducted by in partnership with DB Global Technology, 76.97% of the respondents are receptive to the idea of moving back to Romania. The survey is based on responses given by 400 IT professionals from 30 different countries who currently work or have worked abroad in the past.

This is the main drive that made us to continue this movement and design a special guide suited for the needs of IT professionals enthusiastic about coming back home.

What are the key points highlighted in the IT Community Relocation Guide:
IT Relocation

  • Top 3 reasons influencing the relocation decision of an IT professional
  • The annual economic growth of the Romanian IT market by 2019
  • Top 3 most demanded programming languages in Romania
  • The income of an IT professional based on the specialization and experience
  • Educational opportunities for an IT professional in Romania
  • The cost of living in Bucharest compared with top 5 capitals in Europe
  • Tech leading events in Romania at the moment
  • The growth of the Startups and Small Businesses sector in Romania
  • 18 of the biggest IT communities with insights on the development of the Romanian IT Market
  • The most striking professional objective for an IT professional
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