Junior Software Engineer

  • IT Software
  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 0 - 1 years of experience
  • Updated at: 25.09.2022
    Short company description

    Bento (2B INTELLIGENT SOFT S.A.) is an IT Consulting and Software Development Company run by a team of young, ambitious entrepreneurs with an outstanding level of technical skills. We are passionate about innovative technologies and dedicated to building strong businesses.
    Our statement is intellectually curious. What drives us is our thirst for knowledge: we want to know everything there is to know in our area of expertise. We invest time and energy into learning more and figuring things out.
    Our inquisitive nature may have annoyed our parents and teachers, but we believe that curiosity is essential for growth.
    We will never stop asking ourselves questions, in an attempt to find the right answers and to make your life a little bit easier.


    What kind of attitude are we looking for:
    Human skills (you have them or you are willing to develop them on the job):
    • Responsibility: Ability to proactively respond, take action and seek solutions to daily challenges;
    • Ability to work comfortably and diplomatically across departments within a medium sized entreprenurial environment;
    • Ability to manage uncertainty;
    • Ability to self asses performance;
    • Out-of-the-box approach to solving challenges;
    • Be accountable and able to receive feedback as it is aimed to your professional improvement;
    • „Intellectual Curiousity” 😊.

    Hard skills:
    You know some of the following technologies:
    • C# // .net core OR asp.net
    • MS SQL Server

    Would be a plus:

    • Experience working with JIRA;
    • Experience in an entreprenurial work environment.
    • Education - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or a related field.
    • CSS, HTML, JavaScript // Angular


    As a Software Engineer you have the responsibility to create and deliver high quality software on time.
    What you’ll do:
    • Develop software applications or components to support business requirements;
    • Take responsibility for the quality of the components developed and for delivering them on time;
    • Clarify business requirements / user stories with Delivery Lead / Project Manager / Product Owner / Business Analyst until specifications are clear so that efficient software development can take place;
    • Perform software unit testing; test developed components against requirements and repair functionality where needed; resolve issues during the test and preparation phase and subsequently during maintenance;
    • Collaborate with QA engineers in order to help them create proper and relevant QA actions or artifacts (test plans, test cases, mockup data etc.)
    • Provide support for deployment and go live phases; Provide support and guidance to the dedicated Post Implementation team, other team members and less-experienced peers;
    • Research & suggest software design;
    • Clock in delivered work for both software development and non software development tasks;
    In order to take responsibility mentioned above you have the following means:
    • Provide input and feedback to your Delivery Lead or other colleagues in performance evaluation process;
    • Provide feedback towards continual improvement of Bento methodologies, processes and tools regarding Software Development Life Cycle;
    • Provide feedback on key architectural decisions and design considerations;
    • Provide feedback on product strategy to Product Owner/ Delivery Lead;
    • Escalate leadership, management or process issues to HR Manager, Delivery Lead or Unit Manager

    Other info

    What you’ll get in return:
    Work environment & benefits
    • Medical subscription to Regina Maria network of clinics, free-of-charge. You can choose to pay for your family and relatives or friends under the same subscription;
    • Free access to ATLAS, health and well-being services platform with more than 800 doctors and specialists licensed and verified in psychotherapy, telemedicine, parenting, nutrition, coaching and financial well-being, available for you 24/7. You can talk with one of the specialists, benefiting from free monthly sessions paid by Bento;
    • You will be able to work from anywhere and also come to the office for certain meetings/ceremonies 2-3 days/week;
    • Each week we have „Bento sandwich” which includes diverse type of food to make sandwiches and some snacks;
    • We provide fruits all weeklong;
    • Annual teambuilding outside Bucharest, Christmas party (dependent to COVID situation);
    • Water, Coffee & spectacular view over Bucharest – sky is the limit.
    • You will have the chance to be sorrounded by young, and experienced colleagues and to work in a friendly enviroment where we consider that each mistake is a lesson learned and a step forward in your career;
    • We are funny – there are no bad jokes, but we value respect. We like to party and to play sports (Padel, Soccer, Poker); – (paused because of COVID-19 situation);
    • We are responsible and accountable for Bento’s succes this is why you will see us very often doing things that are not in our job description;
    • We are human beings. We care first about the human being rather than the role one is responsible for. We are making efforts to connect with one another in a human way.
    Learning & Development
    • At Bento you own your professional and personal development;
    • We will offer you, all the necessary trainings, courses and certifications together with our expertise suitable for your career growth, so that you can learn new things and keep up with technology.
    • You will have access to pluralsight so that you can improve your tech skills

    Culture & Context
    • Bento is profoundly an entreprenurial company owned and managed by 4 guys; We are 70 colleagues who generated 3.5 mln euros in revenue during 2020;
    • We acknowledge our colleagues side projects, passions and values;
    • We offer freedom and ask for responsibility and accountability;
    • We do our best at managing uncertainty;
    • We create as few procedures as we can in order to provide space for creativity;
    • You take part in managing and creating work context through feedback and communication.