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  • Updated at: 19.10.2019

    This terms, “Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning”, have been floating around for some time now, so we decided to approach this subject too at the 11th edition of TechTalks Timisoara. Here you will find out about the latest innovations, freshest informations and insides that will help you to step up your game in this field.

    This conference is for you if you:

    • have an academic background in Automation, Computer Science, Mathematics or Informatics, Electronics and Telecommunication;
    • are IT professional, enthusiastic about new technologies and trends in the tech zone.


    If you are ready for this intense day, here is the Agenda:

    10:15-10:30  | Welcome & Registration

    10:35-11:15  |  

    Tudor NicoseviciHead of ADAS Advanced Engineering Romania

    Tudor Nicosevici is the head of ADAS Advanced Engineering Romania, Continental Automotive. Additionally, he is involved with the technical coordination of AI and environment modeling activities within the Advanced Engineering group.

    His areas of expertise are computer vision, robotics and machine learning, with a M.Sc. in sensor fusion and a PhD in robotics and computer vision.

    Prior to joining Continental he coordinated activities of technology transfer between the academia and the industry sector.

    The topic: Continental’s vision of AI-enabled future mobility       

    We live in a complex and dynamic world, where efficient mobility has become one of today’s main challenges.

    Continental has taken on the challenge, and is currently developing a series technologies that address most significant mobility topics.

    In order to ensure safety, scalability and flexibility, one key aspect of these technologies is the use of Artificial Intelligence, which will be the main focus of this presentation.               

    11:20-12:00  | 

    Nikola Zahariev – Senior Manager CTO Office Advanced Development
    Nikola is Senior Manager in the Visteon CTO Office in Sofia, Bulgaria where he focuses on advanced development, such as new E/E architectures and ADAS.

    He holds a Diploma degree (Dipl.-Ing.) in Electrical Engineering and has several years of experience working in production programs for cockpit electronics.

    Prior to joining Visteon Nikola has been involved in multiple European and German publicly funded projects and FOTs.

    The topic: Evolution of the vehicle architectures in the age of AI and ADAS

    The increased penetration of AI and ADAS in the vehicles nowadays creates additional requirements, which can no longer be fulfilled by the existing traditional vehicle architectures. In this talk, we will show how we are capable to solve this upcoming requirements with a new zonal EE architecture based on Automotive Ethernet. We discuss the current trends and demands of the automotive industry driven by AI and Autonomous driving pointing to future zonal EE architectures. This goes further and allows for an even more radical change in automotive EE architecture, resulting in a significant reduction of wiring harness length, weight, cost and complexity.

    12:05-12:45 | 

    Andreea Bozesan, Delivery Manager

    Andreea is a technical project manager with a background in software development, who also enjoys teaching Computer Science at the Politehnica University of Timisoara in her spare time, upon receiving her PhD in Information Security. She thrives in challenging environments while implementing both Scrum and Kanban methodologies in order to successfully lead various web or mobile related projects.
    Mihaela Pasculescu, Software Engineer
    Mihaela is a Software Engineer, passionate about object-oriented programming, with experience in Java programming and mobile development.

    She makes use of her expertise, technical skills and education to solve interesting problems and to drive improvements throughout the entire software development life cycle.

    The topic: AI in Cognizant Softvision

    Artificial Intelligence applied in real projects.

    12:50-13:10 | Networking, Challenges, Coffee and Snacks

    13:15-13:55  |     

    Ali Baghchehsara - Group CEO and Managing Director of LISA Deutschland GmbH

    Ali Baghchehsara is a young and well-rounded engineer, known for his creativity, and engineering solutions he has provided in automotive, aerospace, renewable energy branches. So far he has founded Solar Maximum llc®, LISA Group, for in Renewable, Computer Sciences, and Aerospace industries.

    Meanwhile, not only business and technology was in his focus, but education and sports had kept him interested. Ali has directed an aerospace talk show in the Iranian Radio Broadcast center with more than 5 million viewers and has been playing for Weserstars ice hockey team and won a Silver medal of ab-ali alpine Skiing competition.

    He has designed the first Autonomous System for Distress Tracking for Airbus commercial aircraft. In 2013 he influenced Space Industry with a new concept for operating satellites with Danny Jones which won the ISDC 14 award. In his time in the DLR (German Aerospace Agency) he has brought the Predictive Maintenance to operational using cognitive Systems.

    He has recieved the Top Achievement Award from the Royal Aeronautical Society in London in 2014, a similiar award which Elon Musk recieved in 2011. He has also brought the first students to the Electric Power Committee in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and for that recieved the Outstanding Service Award title in Montreal in 2015.

    In 2013 he co-authored the Electric Space with Mr. Jones and published it in North Charleston, SC about their common project which later on which later on with Danny Jones (CEO), Thomas Taylor (P) founded Solar Maximum LLC® to further Research and develop Concentrated Solar Energy system designs to generate power from Space, this book is the second book in SBSP and referenced in several institutions including Stanford University Libraries.

    Presently he is leading projects in order connect the aircraft to the ground and increase the integrity of Vehicle Monitoring Systems for Single Pilot Operation of commercial flights.


    The topic: Future of Aircraft Operation based on Deep learning and Secure connectivity

    In order to be able to operate large and small Jets, artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous systems will be helpful but this is challenging for the industry. AI and autonomous decision making will also allow aircraft operation to send over the necessary data for maintenance and connectivity purposes.

    In this talk, an industrial leader on AI for aircraft ops will discuss in an interactive session the future of AI and how it will transform the way aircraft are operated today, and increase data sharing efficiency to downstream customers, including imaging and communications.

    14:00-14:40 |  

    Speaker: Sabina Catana - Senior Software Engineer

    The topic: Object Detection Using Deep Learning

    An introduction into Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Presenting an application of object detection using YOLO open source algorithm.

    14:45-15:25  |    


    Cristian Vesa - Domain Group Leader at HELLA Technical Center Timisoara, Automated Driving division
    Cristian Vesa is a graduate of the Timisoara Polytechnic University, Faculty of Electronics and Telecomunications and at the beggining of his career he was involved for a period of five years in research projects at the Hamburg University of Technology, at the Telecomunications and High Frequencies Department, and his mentor was Professor PhD. Hermann Rohling.

    The topic: MIMO Radar Theory in a 77GHz System   

    The MIMO Radar Theory in a 77GHz System is one of the most common radar technologies, used for necessary solutions for the Automated Diving projects. The MIMO radar theory is not present anymore just in the telecomunications field, but also for solutions in the automotive industry, solutions that are represented by the detection and classification of objects that are on a road. The team coordinated by Cristian Vesa, at HELLA Romania, develops concepts and solutions based on the implementation and integration of algorithms that will offer very good resu


    When & where will we meet?

    • On Saturday, 19th of October
    • In Timisoara, at Centrul Regional de Afaceri (C.R.A.F.T.), Neptun Room


    Other useful information:

    • The acces is free but there is a limited number of seats;
    • Only candidates who meet the requirements will receive a confirmation e-mail.
    • Please pay attention to the Agenda when you choose the workshops or TechLabs that you want to attend because they may overlap.


    *By registering to this event, you agree with the fact that your personal data will be used by Catalyst Solutions to allow you to attend the event (by registering, confirming and signing in at the event). Also you understand and agree with the terms and conditions.