Veeam Sales Internship: April 2 - May 29


Veeam is looking for some cool interns to join their Sales Team in Bucharest. If you are interested to start your career journey, check it out and apply until 23th of March.

What they would like from you:

•You are a student in your Bachelor or Master’s degree
•You are fluent in English and in one of the following languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German. You are more than welcome to join them if you speak Dutch, Turkish, Croatian, Hungarian, Russian, Czech, Hebrew, Polish
•No matter what your education is your motivation is important. They employ teachers, linguists, historians, internationalists, economists and lawyers. They know how successful the path of humanities in IT can be!

What will you do:

Learning actively. Together with the other interns, you will take an intensive course about the company, products, key skills and IT sales know-how
Shadowing. You will begin your internship by working side-by-side with your mentor and gradually diving into your daily tasks and projects
•Put knowledge into practice. You will communicate with the clients in your preferred spoken language: English or French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese or German
•Make commercial offers. Learn how to calculate and plan quotas, being able to better understand at the end of your internship the IT sales industry
•Have a great time. Enjoy networking, creative tasks, teambuilding’s - we will not let you get bored!
What is waiting for you there:

•In-depth training and development program.
•Real business challenges
•Attractive salary and benefits package, hand in hand with your learning professional development
•30 hours a week. Keep in mind we are flexible about your work schedule. We can decide together on a flexible work arrangement that allows you to be at the university for important classes / exams when needed.
•Being in touch with your experienced mentor at every step of your internship which will be here to guide you.
•Networking, teambuilding, creativity and smiles


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