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EY has a privileged perspective on business. Not only does it operate in over 150 countries, but also has insights into many of the world’s largest organizations and governments. This allows it to make predictions on trends which shape our future and change tomorrow in the process.

EY Romania knows how important it is to focus on the personal and professional development of future generations and usually invests in programs that aim to inspire the youth to choose the right path for their career. Their biggest initiative of this kind is happening this spring and it’s called EY Express.

EY Express is a 5-days career accelerator with groundbreaking design. It provides the context and the tools required to dive into a new type of learning experience. Innovative learning strategies meet practical business insights from top-notch business professionals.

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In a nutshell, the youth will develop a broad business perspective in one of the EY departments, along with exposure to different clients, which will serve as a foundation for a lifelong career. They will also be coached/mentored by someone more senior in the organization along their journey and thus gain the consultancy experience that everyone is looking for.

To make sure candidates are the best fit for EY, they will have to pass 4 stages, each one of them offering its own unique learning experience.

 1. Online testing: they will complete a personality test, assessing 3 main traits: customer orientation, self-control and reliability.

2. Meet up with EY consultants: candidates can stand out from the crowd by interacting with employees and finding out more about the company. At the end, they will take a brief logical reasoning test.               

3. EY Express: for 3 days, candidates will take part in a series of trainings. They will learn, receive guidance and test the abilities they will need on the market. At the end, every candidate receives an individual evaluation.

4. Final interview: this is the moment to shine. If the candidate has passed all the other stages, then he/she’ll get an offer and an exceptional experience to last a lifetime.

Who is a good fit? Above all else, EY value teaming, personality and attitude, so they are looking for a candidate that is a team player with a positive vibe, not afraid to speak up in meetings and present his/her innovative ideas, has a high level of motivation and wants to learn, every working hour every day.

All in all, the EY Express Career Program is the program that will offer top students and graduates an exceptional experience and a chance to get more than a job – a career start.

If you want to be part of it, apply now!

Start today. Change tomorrow

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