Azure Meetup powered by Microsoft

Are you ready to outpace your knowledge in terms of cloud business? Come and meet our technical experts to explore different Azure clusters.

When: On 13th of June, 19.00 PM - 21.30 PM

Location: Microsoft Office

Why you should join the meetup? Take a look at the main topics we will talk about:

  • Cloud Identity: Open up your on prem world to the cloud while maintaining control and not compromising security. Setup your hybrid environment in a heartbeat and authorize your users to access endless resources securely, from anywhere.
  • Azure App Services: From idea to online in no time with Azure PaaS. We will start from an app idea and show how you can lift and shift the entire environment using various services in Azure.
  • Azure Dev: Introduction to Azure Cognitive Services. Integrate intelligent algorithms and features in your application with the help of machine learning APIs
If you're courious to meet our technical experts, here are some details about their background:

Azure App Services

"I'm a tech enthusiast, passionate on leveraging technology to help people. Since joining Microsoft I like engaging on talks about the benefits of the Microsoft Cloud, whether it's PaaS, Iaas or hybrid. All are parts of the daily challenges I am facing as Azure engineer working mainly with the North American market."

Andrei Radu

"I am an Open Source enthusiast, Technical Advisor by day and developer by night. Since joining Microsoft, my main purpose has been helping OSS Developers be successful in using Azure App Services, making the community better one solved problem at a time."

Petre Popescu

Cloud Identity

"Identity and Security Professional. Support Ninja, Master Interviewer & Key Events Organizer"

Ina Negrea

"Curious like a cat and really passionate about all things tech. Started our with basic coding, moved to design, animation and now IT. If it moves, beeps, runs, clicks, has buttons, screens, nuts and bolts, I most definitely want to know how it works and how to use it. AFK, the activity I love most is frivind and I will find any excuse I can to jump behind the wheel of a car."

Bogdan Boldijar

Azure Dev

"Ion Gabriel. Support engineer in Azure Developer Pod team. Working in Microsoft for about 2 years. Sports enthusiast. Runner."

Gabriel Ion

P.S.: 13th of June, 19:00 - 21:30 P.M., Microsoft office.

Join the event and come to meet us and all!


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