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About Phi Partners

Phi Partners is an internationally renowned specialist consultancy providing a range of technology and consulting services to financial institutions around the world.

The company was founded in 2004 by leading experts in Summit - the Misys Capital Markets Primary Trading System - and our business has now established a reputation as the leading provider of Summit consulting services to the investment banking community.  We have grown to around 100 members of staff, operating with teams in the UK, France, Germany and Scandinavia and – primarily – from our specialist near-shore delivery center in Bucharest where over half our permanent employees are based.

Our core values of Excellence, Knowledge, Teamwork, Innovation, and Respect set the standards by which we measure ourselves and frame the way we work with each other and with our clients.

Phi Partners established a Bucharest delivery center in 2009. Our services are typically run 80% from Bucharest: the Bucharest delivery center is the foundation of our offering and the energetic and dynamic Bucharest delivery teams are at the heart of our global family.

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How others see a career at Phi Partners?

Working within the Capital Markets IT world is a very exciting and rewarding experience.  As well as giving you a first-hand understanding of how a multi-billion dollar industry operates, you will have the opportunity to work in direct contact with IT professionals, system architects, business users and real life dealers from around the world in one of the most dynamic technology environments.

The domain of capital markets is constantly evolving and transforming, introducing new technologies as soon as they are validated by the Enterprise IT world. The huge variety of platforms and solutions gives you the possibility to work with different technologies in each project you will be part of.

From a career standpoint, being a consultant (rather than an employee of a single financial or technical organization) provides an environment for constant professional growth.  You will have exposure to multiple and various IT domains - from operating systems and databases to distributed architectures running on separated platforms across the globe (with solutions involving web services, middleware oriented messaging and XML technologies through to  complex algorithms developed in C++, JAVA and C#). Due to the very applied (that is to say, practical) nature of the work we do you will never get bored and you will see the results of your work implemented in a real-life setting.

Our projects typically last between 3 months and 3 years and we make it easy for you to switch between projects and clients, in order to keep your work varied and your career progressing.

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Why should you join Phi Partners?


We provide a structured and extensive training program for new hires, covering not just the technologies and functionalities of the Summit system but also to provide grounding in the relevant capital markets concepts.

Travel Opportunities

Although regular or long term travel is by no means mandatory or expected, our consultants have the opportunity to travel within Europe and further afield, both on short term and more permanent placements, if they are interested to do so. 
Multiple possible career paths

We don’t assume that – as a graduate – you know exactly how you want your career to progress.  If you do – fantastic – we will support you to meet your goals. But the reality is that many people haven’t found their calling. Having exposure to all aspects of our business will help you explore your talents and discover what you love.   

At Phi Partners you will be part of a small but elite team. You will have the chance to build strong relationships with employees of all levels, both at home and abroad, within the company and with our clients. Mentoring, collaboration and learning opportunities that would be unavailable at a large organization will be within your reach. In a small company, positive changes can be effected quickly. Your work will be noticed by people in the company who matter - you have the chance to make a big impact (and be given credit for it!). 

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Phi Partners Team

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