Become a P&G Campus Ambassador!


YOUR insights on what young people want are taken into account. You will leave your mark on the future programs of one of the largest multinationals.

We are giving you the opportunity to live in a different way one year of studies: you’ll reward us with passion and fun in spreading around positive energy about P&G!

The difference is in the human touch.

WHO | Ideal Profile
• Student, from 2nd year on, having been in touch with at least 1 P&G Program (Student Seminars, Raising Stars trainings), and willing to “spread the word”. Must be in touch with the campus environment and people.

WHAT | Ambassador’s job description
• Be in touch with what students want.
• Tell us, so that we can prepare appropriate programs
• Be the first to participate
• Spread the word
• Recommend your friends to become ambassadors. Create a network and lead it. We will reward you with training programs and materials to help you develop your leadership skills.

HOW | Compensation
• General expenses refund (phone, logistic, buffets)
• Student Ambassador Welcome Package: Letter from HR, sample of our products, basic info about the company, training materials.
• In-door training sessions with P&G
• Academical credits – practice recognition - substitute for the internship needed for graduation. With a shining P&G certificate to show to all friends ;)

HOW | Measurement
Every ambassador is valued on the base of:
• Overall results and feedbacks of the event at his/her campus [feelings]
• Percentage increase in applications from his/her campus [facts]
• Number of innovative ideas for the future [creativity]
• Proposals for possible future ambassadors [long-term view]

To apply click here: – Student Opportunities
P&G Students’ Applications

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