Technician (Office Module Maintenance) - NATO Project

Employer: Brainspotting
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  • Job type: full-time
    Job level: 1 - 5 years of experience
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    Updated at: 07.07.2020
    Short company description

    We are the leading technology recruitment and selection consultancy in Romania, working on highly specialized technologies for permanent and interim positions. Since our inception in 2001 as the first specialized IT recruitment agency in Romania we supported over 400 national and global clients in acquiring strategic IT talent for their business.

    We are deeply passionate about technology and highly responsible about our work. We understand the pressure of the business and the fact that you need fast and quality results. Therefore we always go for the extra mile to deliver the best IT&C talent for your business, no matter how challenging the project may seem.



    • Secondary education and basic training for specific task related skills with previous post related experience.
    • Experience relative to the required duties and to (CIS) Project management or requirement analysis.
    • Previous Staff experience at large military or governmental organization or major private companies.
    • Activities that conduct strategic requirement analysis and include co-ordination of policy with external entities and agencies.
    • The incumbent should have:
    o Performed an extensive range and variety of complex technical and/or professional work activities and responsibilities in a variety of contexts.
    o An IT background or wide experience in office communication and information systems.
    o Few knowledge of region’s culture where NATO military forces and DCIS capabilities are to be employed.
    • English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing shall be at a NATO level of English 2222.
    • In possession of an active National or NATO security clearance to the minimum of Secret level.


    • Must have a B and C drivers Licenses.
    • Prior experience is setting up and operating a direct support motor pool facility in a field environment.
    • Prior operating experience of vehicles up to and including 10 tons.



    Your daily responsibilities will be as follows:

    • Executes the maintenance of all provided Office Module Shelters (system composed of a ISO 20’ double expandable military shelter mainly equipped with, lifting devices, electrical distributions, lighting system, 2 LAN areas with 11 working positions, UPSs and various ancillaries as per pioneer kit, repair kit, and sun protection. Instructions and training available) organic to the M&S Coy.
    • Disassembles, reassembles, tests, adjusts, and inspects major items, assemblies, subassemblies and components of Office Module Shelters.
    • Co-ordinates down-time, schedules and performs preventive maintenance on all shelters.
    • Manages and supervises the accountability and usage of hand and power tools and test equipment to accomplish maintenance.
    • Ensures shelters are prepared for immediate deployment.
    • Maintains historical maintenance records on all assigned shelters.
    • Travel to NATO military exercise sites, as required.
    • Maintains and operates a tool room in a fixed and deployed environment, maintenance records on air conditioners, a (PLL) in a fixed and deployed environment.
    • Provides Office Module Shelters operational training (preparing OMS to work) to newly assigned personnel
    • Periodic checks of Office Module Shelter units, which are under the supervision of their manager or user during their deployment include:
    • Weekly & daily: Checking for water leakage or any signs of humidity (especially during winter) inside the modules compartments (when not deployed).
    • Maintaining a integrity of the unit and its operational status – Making sure if all the equipment inside is working properly which includes: air conditioning devices, UPS devices, switches, fuses, lights, sun protection kit installation tightness and its securing, fans (in technical compartment), fire extinguishers and free access to evacuation doors (during deployment). After deployment all the equipment and surfaces inside the shelter should be verified in order to check their securing, cleanness or any signs of humidity or disintegration. If needed the sun protection system should be unfolded, dried out, properly folded and packed for storage.
    • Monthly: Maintaining a integrity of the unit and its operational status – Making sure if all the equipment inside the users compartment is working properly which includes: air conditioning devices, UPS devices, switches, fuses (when not deployed the shelter should be connected to a power source for at least a few hours in order to charge up the batteries in UPS devices).
    • Every six months: All steps should be carried out as for every monthly check, including a lubrication of handles, hinges, door locks and flaps, outside power connections, checks for damages and integrity of grounding roods and grounding wires. Additionally a test of the lifting system (if the shelters haven’t been moved for a longer period of time) is also recommended. If needed the lifting legs should be greased.
    • Every six months: All steps should be carried out as for every monthly and six months check. If needed a certification of the shelters and fire extinguishers technical verification should be carried out. The manager should carry out or assist those undertakings.
    Additional duties needed to be carried out:
    • Acting as a dispatcher of blue and green fleet.
    • Transportation assets of civilian type, i.e. cars (sedan, station wagon), minibuses and vans, PVRT civilian version.
    • Transportation assets are all tactical vehicles (normally green or camouflage colour sprayed and including tactical equipment), i.e. PVRT, tactical trucks, trucks tractor, trucks tanker, shelters, military trailers and recovery truck trailers, trailer generators and shelters normally used for an operation or an exercise
    • Acting as a tool room manager (checking tools in and out to jobs, inspecting tools, Responsible for returning tools to the appropriate location ensuring tooling is kept in a secure organized, clean environment, Monitor tool usage and maintain a tooling database
    • Acting as a bench stock (supervises low-cost, high-use, consumable items used by maintenance personnel at an unpredictable rate. Bench stocks consist of common hardware, nuts, bolts, washers, capacitors, wire, tubing, hoses, ropes, webbing, thread, welding rods, sandpaper, gasket material, sheet metal, seals, oils, grease, and repair kits)