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#1Raising the bar for a paperless future

By Valentin Farcas

With previous experience of over 10 years working for startups to big legacy projects, Vali joined 123FormBuilder as a Team Leader at the beginning of 2019. In his spare time he enjoys nature and traveling with his family as much as possible.

We all have the feeling that time is moving faster than 20 years ago and we strive to do more in the same amount of time. We are spending a part of our lives in writing requests on paper, send them over, request an answer, see the reports and so on, which takes time, effort and involves lots and lots of trees being cut.

By embracing the challenge to raise the bar for a paperless future I see our mission as a challenge to come up with innovative solutions so most of the activities and processes are paperless and in an online environment so we are supporting not only the customers but also the planet that deserves the same attention in waste reduction.

123Brand Differentiators

At 123 we are offering a variety of features and tools from white label solutions to advanced third-party integrations. We are striving for a full digitized system that can help businesses save money as the costs will be significantly reduced by eradicating the need to purchase and archive paperwork. Also, the elimination of paperwork can help to speed up everyday processing, allowing more time to be spent on more productive tasks. The reduction of paperwork for example in HR department by having an online form for holiday requests will also help to keep employees happy, encourage productivity and improving the company morale.


Our solution already supports industries like Healthcare, Financial Services or Manufacturing successfully, and we are currently working on revamping our business value proposition for Enterprise clients. For 2020 we are having mobile devices as a strategic direction, currently our clients have use cases that happen on-site (e.g. technicians filling out inspection sheets while on field) and we are looking to provide a better experience in this direction.

Another project that is on our roadmap is to allow users to connect the forms with their own external databases and APIs, which means more in-depth integration between our solution and the systems they are already using internally.

Every player has the power to change the game.

One of the strongest areas in 123 is the organizational culture and the way of doing things. In our day to day schedule we incorporated successfully the Agile methodology that brings us the value driven delivery which decides what adds more value to customers with a given set of requirements and implements the same. This means that if there is a change request that adds more value to the client, then the change request can be easily accommodated in this agile way. Our cross functional teams are aligned with our wider company objectives and this ensures that we are pushing towards the same goal and are sharing a common purpose.

The diversity in partnerships

Having a very diverse partnerships is challenging in the beginning, engaging with key, trusted partners is the key to long-term success. From individuals that create small surveys to Healthcare and Technology enterprises that use our solution, all provide constant feedback which contributes to shaping our forms and having a very wide area of challenges to solve.

Engaging with partners and reaching a broader audience has naturally widened our recruiting funnel. More importantly, perhaps, our partners have provided us with a critical lens through which we evaluate our processes and have continuous improvements.

Building a paperless future takes guts.

There is no success without going the extra mile, and for us that means to be bold, creative and challenge the way of doing things along the way. In order to stay on track with our mission to have a paperless future, we strive to be better every day and encourage others to do the same.

Challenging the status quo is part of our daily routine. Everyone's voice is heard and can express freely to improve our work environment and contribute on improving the features that are delivered and add value to customers and the environment.

We are constantly looking for people that are bold, talented and ambitious and want to make a difference.


#2Raising the bar for a paperless future

By Oana-Nicoleta Stan

Oana-Nicoleta Stan is a Frontend Web Developer at 123FormBuilder, with 4 years of experience in the domain. Besides her job, she was also a teacher for 3 years at the Object-Oriented Programming laboratory, at Polytechnic University of Timisoara.

As a person, passionate about technology, I choose to use the digital format of almost everything I need. If I need to plan my day, I use a planner application accessible from my smartphone or my laptop, if I need to take notes I use an editor on my smartphone or laptop, before going to shopping I prepare a list by using a mobile application and so on.

When there’s a need to collect data from a group of people (appointments, event registration, newsletter subscription, customer satisfaction survey, etc.) the best solution is to use a form.

123FormBuilder, as its name says, helps us create custom forms, collect accurate data, publish the forms anywhere online, make payments, and many other things. Nowadays we have so many handy solutions, that we only need a device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc) and we can easily give up using paper, thing that will help our environment but will also make our life easier.

123Brand Differentiators

Being a Developer and working at 123FormBuilder is a good experience, filled with challenges and lessons that are helping me to become a better professional from one day to another. The platform is constantly growing, from new features to improvements of the existing ones. 123FormBuilder is a complex platform, with lots of features, like payment integration, third party applications’ integration, conditional logic rules, approvals, email & SMS notifications, translations, etc., that allow the user to make customized forms. Because of this, my daily job is full of challenges, which allows me to work in different areas and learn about all of them.


There are a few exciting projects at 123FormBuilder and the one that I am contributing to right now is improving the payments integration on our platform. With a new design, user friendly, many payment processors to be used, and a series of ways to customize how the payment summary should look like on the form, this new project is a challenging one for us, but useful and exciting for the customers who are going to use it.

The diversity in partnerships

123FormBuilder is a platform that has various types of clients, from small clients to enterprise clients, some of them being HIPPA or white label clients. From this perspective, the projects we build are of various types and we try to fit their different needs and implement each request from our clients in a general way, so that all other clients can benefit from it.

Every player has the power to change the game

The aspect that I like the most at 123FormBuilder is that anyone has a word to say, and everyone is listened. If you have a proposal to make, it’s always appreciated. I wouldn't like to work in a company where I would just have to execute orders without being allowed to provide my feedback.

All that being said, there are a lot of exciting projects that we plan building, thus for anyone who is looking for a place where one can improve his technical and soft skills, but also change the world in good by contributing to a platform that supports a good cause for our environment, 123FormBuilder is the right place.


#3Raising the bar for a paperless future

By Cristian Motea

Cristian Motea is a Senior QA at 123FormBuilder. His previous experience consists of working for companies active in banking, pharma trials, big data and IT infrastructure. He chose to work at 123FormBuilder 2 years ago because it’s a product company that supports new ideas, gives instant feedback and he has the chance of seeing his work being used by people from all over the world.

We are ditching paper, one form at a time. In the era where I have the entire world wisdom one search away, it makes perfect sense to reduce the amount of paper used. A paper form needs to be printed, passed, filled out, reviewed, printed again because mistakes happen more often than any of us wants to admit, passed again and stored somewhere.

Too many resources are then used for actual storing and retrieving a paper form and trees were not created for paper. We know the road is long, but we are persistent, one form at a time.

123Brand Differentiators

We have lots and lots of different integrations available for our clients! If you want to send, retrieve, encrypt, store your data -> 123FormBuilder is your platform and this list is constantly being updated.

In fact, chances are very high that when a special request is made by an actual or potential client, we already have the solution implemented or are working on it. The feedback loop is short and fast.

Our user base is vast and covers diverse areas of activity. Where else can you work with NGOs, public authorities from different countries, industry giants, huge transport companies or entertainment providers?

Every player has the power to change the game.

In each of us lies the power to change the way we work. New ideas are welcomed and only through discussion and debate we’ll become better as a person and as a team. We encourage you to speak up because the stage is already set. Since 123FormBuilder has so many diverse clients, get ready for a ride in which you'll never get bored. Each client is a potential source of knowledge so it's up to us to tap and use it. Be bold and creative. There's no written guideline for that - write it with us, one form at a time!

Join us, we're seriously fun! :) 

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