16 pozitii de internship disponibile in cadrul JTI Romania

What do you think about starting your career in a company certified for the fifth year in a row as a Top Employer Romania and Europe? That is not all. JTI was also ranked as Number One Top Employer for the Middle East, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions and was certified for the fourth time as Top Employer Global for 2018.

Do you want to know why did JTI received these certifications?

The annual international research is an independent assessment undertaken by the Top Employers Institute, which recognizes leading employers around the world: those that provide excellent employee conditions, nurture and develop talent throughout all levels of the organization, and which strive to continuously optimize employment practices.

Part of the talent strategy of the local organisation is also JTI Internship Program which offers a practical professional experience to students or fresh graduates in order to enable them to experience a multinational working environment whilst learning from professionals, having the responsibility of a role, valuing the importance of working in a team so that they are at ease to choose their professional career path.

During three months (July – September), each intern has a mentor and a defined role within the team, with clear responsibilities. The 16 available positions cover various areas such as: corporate affairs & communication, trade marketing, data management, sales support operations, IT, treasury & accounting, human resources, production, engineering, continuous improvement, PPO.

Which one is your match?

Let’s see what JTI former interns think about the JTI Internship Program experience:

I started my Internship in JTI in 2012, as Quality Improvement Analyst. I remember I was so afraid because it was my first job, I was 20 years old and I wanted not to disappoint anyone, including myself. What I discovered in JTI was very different from what I imagined in a full-time job. I discovered very friendly people that are always eager to help you, to teach you and to let you experiment. I believe this was my favorite thing about working in JTI: experimenting. I was encouraged every time to imagine and try new things, to allow myself come with my opinions and apply them in every project I was part of. After 6 years, I am still here, in JTI, with a full-time job as Quality Improvement & Control Associate, and I am amazed on how many things I discovered and how many more I can learn. I would recommend this experience to anyone who is in college and wants to be part of a friendly and highly professional environment.

Georgiana Guta, Quality Improvement & Control Associate

The JTI Internship program came for me as a prize for winning a marketing contest organized in my university. Looking back, I think it was the most impactful experience I had, as it opened the path to my career in marketing.
I started the Internship after I graduated the university and 7 years later, I’m still working in JTI, in the Marketing department, in a managerial role. During these years, I had the chance to work with professionals, an enriching experience shaping me as a marketer, as well as providing support to grow and further develop myself.
If I were to choose again, I would choose JTI!

Cristina Stroe, Brand Equity Manager

I am one of the first students who benefited from the JTI Internship program, in 2008. It was a real chance for me to work in one of the most successful and responsible companies in the world.
I have met beautiful people who inspired me with their passion and knowledge. I have learned many new things about the tobacco industry, sales and distribution, stocks and forecast.
Being actively involved in all kind of data analysis I have discovered how important the information is for business. All of these helped me to choose my career path, and here I am, happy with what I am doing for almost 10 years!

Florentina Ene, Dashboard Analysis Manager

I started my JTI Internship in February 2011, during the last semester of my Master program, later on holding different positions within the Marketing team. It was my first working experience and by that time, I did not imagine this would be the most important step in building my career. Five years later I was promoted to a managerial role and currently I am assigned to lead the global New Product Development team in Geneva, for one year.
What I appreciate the most here is the dynamic environment and the quality of the people I am working with. This Internship represented a great opportunity for me to grow both professionally and personally, thus I really encourage you to start your career journey with us!

Adela Cioroianu, New Product Development Manager

I started to write the story of my career back in 2013, at JTI. It was my first job and it soon became the longest internship in JTI Romania’s history: one year and one month. I think it was a match: I was eager to learn and curious about everything around me, while the Corporate Affairs & Communications team was there to train me to become a real professional. I left and then I came back, just to remember and feel that at JTI, you are part of a big family that shares the same values as you and does everything on a big scale. This is what inspires me and continues to be a source of energy. Maybe one of the most enriching line I have ever heard at JTI was that: “Here, you evolve, but you remain true to yourself”.

Raluca Radoi, PR & Events Manager

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