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Tell us more about what projects In the Pocket brings on the Romanian market and what technologies are at the core of it.

In The Pocket (ITP) has a rather extensive and diverse portfolio, catering to a wide variety of clients and industries - including areas such as engineering & manufacturing, retail, health and public sector. In a nutshell: we create software with a mix of new and proven technologies. Our projects encompass a broad spectrum, from developing international applications for home appliances to creating highly secure applications for government entities. A few examples:
  • Engie - a mobile and web application that gives users control of their energy consumption
  • Payconiq by Bancontact - Belgium's finest mobile payment application
  • TPVision - Wave: a cloud platform to control thousands of professional displays.
These projects underscore our commitment to leverage the latest technologies to deliver high-quality, user-centric solutions.
Why do your current employers decided to join your company so far? 3 reasons that put In the Pocket on Romanian candidates map

There are three primary factors that consistently attract both our existing employees and prospective candidates to ITP. Firstly, our studio culture: software is a people’s business. We foster a work environment that encourages collaboration, innovation and mutual respect, and always put the people behind the product first. Secondly, our advanced tech stack - we continually stay up-to-date and test out cutting-edge technologies to deliver innovative solutions. Lastly, our commitment to quality - we always strive to exceed expectations by ensuring that all our products meet the highest standards of excellence.
What type of culture would you like to nurture in Romania?
At ITP we aim to cultivate a culture that prioritizes the wellbeing and development of our people. We firmly believe that the delivery of high-quality products requires the best talent and we understand that this talent isn't always readily available in the market. Therefore, we take the learning and development of our people very seriously, creating opportunities for them to grow professionally and personally. This approach ensures that we not only attract the best talent but also retain them.
How do you find the right candidates for your team - what is the profile you are searching for?
We are searching for candidates who are creative, innovative and ready to grow both personally and professionally. They should be able to adapt to a multicultural environment seamlessly and be willing to contribute to the diverse perspectives within our team. Most importantly, we value candidates who are eager to learn and demonstrate a strong desire to develop their skills continuously.
Where can interested candidates engage with you - local events/Conferences, open doors/informal meet-ups, etc.?

We are active participants in local networking events and conferences, such as the DevTalks Bucharest, scheduled for 29-30 May, where our booth will be located in front of the DevOps stage. Additionally, we host our own regular PocketBytes meet-ups every 3-4 months. These gatherings provide potential candidates with opportunities to meet our team, learn more about our work and explore potential collaborations. We recommend following our LinkedIn Page and our Website for updates on our upcoming events and other relevant information.

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