Top IT companies to keep an eye on: 10 interesting facts about SoftServe Romania

Why is SoftServe considered one of the hottest new entries on the Romanian IT market?
Well, the company is one of the biggest global IT brands born in Eastern Europe. Founded by a group of students in Ukraine in 1993, SoftServe now has more than 13,000 employees in 15 countries.

After just a few months of local presence, SoftServe Romania counts more than 100 employees and plans to reach 800 people by end of 2025.

The teams in Romania work on global projects for top customers across different industries.

Among the areas of expertise that will be developed in Romania are Big Data, Data Engineering, Cloud & DevOps, but the company is also searching for talents in Application Engineering, Business Analysis, Project Management, Experience Design and Omniverse & Digital Twin technologies. You can check out all current job openings here.

Let’s discover together more about SoftServe.

  1. SoftServe means more than 1,100 ongoing projects in different areas of expertise.

From Software Engineering, Cloud and DevOps to Big Data, AI, IoT, Cybersecurity, Augmented Reality (XR) or Robotics, you can find many friendly and knowledgeable communities in the company. Also, you might get the chance to reconvert to another technology as the company is fully supportive of this type of endeavors. You can find more about SoftServe broad expertise on the company website.

  1. SoftServe has its own University. SoftServe University is a learning ecosystem with more than 1,100 courses built in house. On top of that, all employees have access to more than 10,000 UdemyBusiness courses and a wide range of international certifications.


  1. SoftServe has its own foundation – Open Eyes. Since its start in 2015, Open Eyes has donated more than 14 million $ to social causes. You can read more about Open Eyes activity here.

In 2022, Open Eyes focused mainly on supporting Ukraine and donated 370 tons of humanitarian aid (clothes, medicine, food, wheelchairs and more), thousands of IT items, 41 fully equipped ambulances, 51 MedEvaq cars, and 15,000 protective equipment items to help people heavily impacted by the war.


  1. The company has its own crowd-sourcing platform – Open Tech. Through Open Tech, SoftServe people do pro-bono projects for NGOs or local authorities. In total, Open Tech has finalized 30 projects and is actively working on 27 more, involving almost 600 volunteers. In 2021 alone, 1.2 million people benefited from their work. More information here.


  1. Remote work and work-life balance. SoftServe is striving to enable a healthy work-life balance for employees and is offering flexible work schedule, work from anywhere policy and extra paid days off. For example, SoftServe Romania has a standard 25 days of paid holiday, and is offering additional health or family days.

“What I love most about SoftServe is that I can choose from where I want to work: from home, from the office, or from anywhere in the country. I'm happy to benefit from this flexibility, it helps me keep a good balance between my professional and personal life,”, says Dan, Quality Control Engineer at SoftServe Romania.


SoftServe is fully supportive of remote work, but they also have a workspace in Bucharest, where teams can get together for various collaboration sessions, celebrations, or gatherings. The company takes into consideration opening offices also in other cities as the team grows.

  1. Flexible benefits. At SoftServe all employees receive a monthly benefit budget that can be spent on Edenred Benefit platform. The offer is extremely diversified: medical subscriptions, meal vouchers, gym, holiday cards, gifts vouchers and many more.


  1. SoftServe teams work with the newest and coolest technologies. And not only mainstream ones, but also niched – think Omniverse!

SoftServe is a top partner for many big tech brands – like Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and many more – see here all company partners.

  1. People excellence program. The company is dedicated to supporting the growth of everyone in the team, so employees have a clear career path and lots of resources and mentors that will help them achieve their professional goals.

“The career opportunities are numerous and so diverse. I started working for the company more than 15 years ago as a software developer, and now I'm the Vice President of Client Success in charge of a division with more than 200 engineers. Most of my current knowledge and skills were obtained either on the job or at SoftServe University,” says Andriy, VP of Client Success at SoftServe.

  1. SoftServe loves animals, and they have a dog mascot. Want to meet her? Check out this video
  2. SoftServe people like to spend time together and have fun, so the company always creates opportunities for them to meet and greet. Company Day is one such event - a festival-like celebration that happens in July all over the world. Other initiatives, events and actions are happening all year round.

Below are a few moments from SoftServe employee events in Romania.

Do you like working with the newest technologies? Search for 100% flexibility? But are also on the lookout for a learning heaven where you can grow your career? Then SoftServe is the place for you.

Do what drives you!

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