Siemens Energy competence hub in Bucharest awaits great talents to play their role in the energy transition process

Siemens Energy launched a competence hub in Romania with focus on Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and which will bring benefits to the local economy through job creation and supply chain opportunities.

We’ve spoken with Antonia-Denisa Efron, Director of the Bucharest-based Competence Hub Europe, about the job opportunities created for top talents in Romania.

“Our aim is to become a “first-class” holistic competence hub for Siemens Energy and create a modern, purposeful, inclusive, diverse, and healthy working environment”, she explains.

Our technology is key, but it is our people who make the difference.

Since October last year, when the company started developing this hub, we have succeeded to recruit more than 400 specialists, including engineers, information technology experts, project & bid managers, specialists in customs, intellectual property experts, finance & accounting, commercial project management, and business controlling.

“The competence hub supports the Siemens Energy mission to empower customers all over the world to meet the growing global demand for energy, while transitioning to a more sustainable world, ensuring our climate is protected”, says Antonia.

A company with a long history in Romania.

Siemens Energy has been present in Romania for almost 120 years. Over time, the company has implemented multiple successful projects in Romania due to its state-of-the-art energy technology and with the help of local engineers who stand out for their technical skillset.

A great experience from day one. Our onboarding experience amazes every new employee.

Within a few hours from joining the company, our new colleagues already have access to all systems, enabling them to start their learning journey and doing their magic.

“We have worked hard to develop a very detailed and comprehensive onboarding process, here, in Romania,” highlights Antonia.

Our team is driven by a true passion for our customers and our products, as well as our long-lasting experience.

Currently, the Romanian employees at the competence hub are involved in more than 450 projects in 150 countries around the world, a fact we can be very proud of.

We profit from the corresponding diversity each team member brings along, as well as our efficient cooperation network across all the countries. Based on these ingredients, we identify global and local challenges and trends – we collect and bundle knowledge from all over the world.

Siemens Energy is about connecting people – whether across borders or across perspectives – through energy, and those connections make the world a better place.

Thanks to the competence of our workforce, we can provide our customers with the latest technology and highest-quality products and solve our customers' challenges.”

Together, we can make sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible.

“We cannot do this alone, we need all your help to focus on the best of our legacy, here, on this planet, and to push the boundaries of what is possible, as we strive for sustainability in our decarbonization journey”, concludes the competence hub lead.

No matter what side of the organization an employee is on, they are all proud of the role they play in ensuring access to greener energy and are grateful for the support and opportunity to energize society. By energizing society, we create lasting value for future generations.

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