Thoughts of a Romanian girl full of ambition, a Siemens Energy young graduate employee

“One of the things that really struck me about the company was how generous people were with their time in sharing their knowledge. I also love the way you are supported to express your own opinions. Even though I am just at the start of my career, I feel I can still have good ideas and sharing is widely encouraged across the business,” Bianca Bade, one of the Siemens Energy graduate employees from Romania and a Process Engineer, who joined the company in February 2022, explains.

At Siemens Energy, we are always delighted to have young graduates joining our team and to offer them a wide range of unique opportunities.

“Although I am only at the beginning of my journey with Siemens Energy, what’s been great is how much support and autonomy I have been given from the start to make a difference. Right from my first interview, I was really impressed with the people in the business and how they challenged me,” says Bianca.

“I wanted a job that would stretch me and take me out of my comfort zone, and I knew that working in the energy sector and for Siemens Energy would offer me that. Now as a full-time employee, people continue to be so generous with their time, sharing their knowledge and expertise. Encouraging me to learn, question, solve problems, and, ultimately, make an impact. It’s great to feel both valued and trusted and to be part of a culture that empowers you in that way from so early on,” she adds.

A world of opportunities

Working for a global business means there is certainly no shortage of opportunities. Recently, for Bianca this included COMOS software training, to help with the creation of technical solutions for clients.
Bianca has also learned more about classical combined power plant technology giving her invaluable exposure to different departments and an opportunity to see things from the client’s perspective, too.
We truly believe that it is amazing to have a hands-on experience and a chance to work on solutions that directly impact climate change and drive energy transformation.

As a business, Siemens Energy values excellence of any kind, empowering their employees, to define their own futures and that of generations to come.
As a Process Engineer in the generation business in Romania, Bianca Baden’s role involves working with engineering teams to develop the best processes and technical solutions for clients.
She was attracted to the opportunities that working for a global company such as Siemens Energy would offer, and she took the chance to make a real impact on energy transition.
“I have a voice that is of value and this inspires me to be the best I can be and to want to support others, too. The onboarding process was very impressive. I’ve learned a lot about the business which I felt it gave me a great grounding going into my role. It was also brilliant to be offered the support of a mentor. To have access to that level of investment in people so early on was not what I expected, but makes you feel incredibly supported and valued,” Bianca further explains.

Because brilliant minds innovate
The Siemens Energy employees connect, create, and inspire supporting our mission to aid the energy transition and create a greener more carbon-neutral future for all.
And it’s for that reason so many graduates are choosing Siemens Energy. Their desire to be part of something bigger. They help lead and shape the energy transformation for generations to come and they are working today to make a better tomorrow.

A supportive culture
The business also recognises that people can only become great when they have great people around them. And it’s because of that reason knowledge sharing and mentorship has become a widely embedded part of the organisation’s culture.

Fuelling ambition
Fuelled with ambition and the chance to make a difference, Bianca is already excited about having the opportunity to work on future decarbonisation and green energy projects. Most notably are the combined cycle power plant projects, but also green hydrogen and wind power initiatives too. All areas will help Siemens Energy drive forward.
This is coupled with an appetite to lead on more complex projects in the future too, as well as taking on more senior positions across the business. “Sky is the limit” and “anything is possible” are important guidelines of the Siemens Energy culture.

Would she recommend Siemens Energy to others?
“One hundred per cent - I would recommend a career at Siemens Energy. I’ve learned so much in the short time I have been here, it’s been fantastic. My advice to anyone joining the company would be to embrace challenges, as they will make you a much better professional in the long run. And to enjoy yourself and have fun, too!” says Bianca, full of gratitude that she found the right team where she wants to continue growing.


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