“Discussing every challenge with my team and facing uncomfortable questions and issues head on has helped me to keep everyone together and working successfully”, Marian Anastasie, Technical Delivery Manager at Visteon Romania

At the beginning of March, Marian Anastasie joined Visteon’s team at the technology center in Timisoara, Romania, working as a technical delivery manager.

Beginning his career in software development a decade ago,  he briefly switched to a different industry, before realizing his true passion for automotive and that it would play an integral part of his professional future.  Appreciating the exciting and evolving nature of the industry, Marian identified that “everything is developing at such a fast pace that you don’t have time to limit yourself to a certain technology because it’s immediately replaced by something even stronger and more interesting.”

“If we think about the current way of life – it is based on mobility. All industries depend on mobility, and what else does automotive mean, if not mobility”, he added.

Discussing the context of joining Visteon, Marian talks about the challenges he has had to face as part of a management team contending with a global pandemic with Romania in lockdown:

    1.    Working within an industry where organizations are involved in a huge competition for talent on a global scale, what made you choose Visteon?

Just being part of this kind of competitive industry in 2020 is a challenge for the company and also for the employees. When starting at a new location, in a city well known for the number of companies that work in this domain, it is very important to set your goals for the facility, present them and make them very well understood by everybody. In this context, this helped me a lot in my decision of choosing Visteon as the place to be.

    2.    Shortly after you joined the management team, Covid-19 hit Europe hard and forced many organizations into a more remote way of working. How has the shift to working remotely impacted you in the context of coordinating and motivating a team to stay happy and productive?

I think the Covid-19 crisis is equally a challenge for individual employees, teams as a collective and for their managers.  My work became more difficult but, the way that I wanted and managed to do my job better was to discuss with the team and understand their needs and problems. I cannot say that it was easy, but understanding that the team had the same difficulties as me, if not more, was the first step. Discussing every problem with them and not avoiding uncomfortable questions helped me keep the team together. I always involve the team in the decisions we need to take and the way we should solve different situations and respect their opinions.  

    3.    How would you describe working at Visteon?

What I like the most about working with Visteon is that in any way you’d like to grow there are possibilities and the organization is structured so that all needs are covered. You are always encouraged to do your best and prove that you are fit for new challenges and you will get the support you need to succeed.  
The company has a very good customer visibility and our products are very well received by customers and end-consumers. Visteon has a comprehensive product and customer portfolio, with new and interesting technologies that are consistently attracting new opportunities with auto partners globally.   

    4.    What message would you like to send to potential candidates interested in joining Visteon?

Visteon, in my opinion, is the place where everybody can exceed their limits. There are lots of opportunities for those that want to prove they can do more and new ideas, opinions and methods of working are always welcomed.

We greatly appreciate those that not only want to work but to do their best in the everyday tasks they are presented with. We have the possibility to learn and grow together as a technology center and because of that we rely on the people that always crave to be the best.

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