Orase: Timisoara
Industrie: IT&C Software



About us:

Movidius ( is an award-winning fabless semiconductor company, established in 2005, backed by a strong international consortium of venture capital companies. Movidius is headquartered in San Mateo and has design-centres in Dublin and Timisoara.

Movidius delivers unique multimedia processing capabilities including High Definition 2D or 3D Video, high-resolutions image capturing & processing, computational photography and computer vision processing. Typical user applications include capturing, compressing, creating, editing, sharing, viewing and real-time improvement of multimedia content. Movidius technologies are specifically designed for low power mobile phone and consumer electronics, enabling manufacturers to create highly differentiated products and enhanced user experiences.


Movidius Applications:      

    - Processing multimedia (audio, video) in real-time

    - Image, Video processing

    - Computational Photography

    - Computer (Stereo) Vision

    - Augmented Reality


Working for Movidius YOU:

     - Will become a good embedded engineer

     - Will understand how digital camera will feature in any smart phoneWill understand how smart phone will take different new forms in the next years (see Google Glass Concept)

     - Will know how your mobile phone will Augment your Reality




Fructus Plaza

Str. Gh. Lazar Nr. 24, Et 3, Cam 04/3, 05, 06/3, Jud Timis



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