Who we are & What we do
We innovate the public sector and support business performance by continually adapting to the latest trends in technology, design and communication, to support its consolidation and increase its capacity to meet the needs of society.

The company is part of a greater ecosystem designed to build, transform and innovate the world we live in. So far, our intentions, inspiration and expertise were best applied in and through domains such as information technology, printing, drones, consultancy and public relations services.


We Build & We Transform

At Trencadis we carry out projects from scratch and provide services for all stages of development of the solution: solution definition, project management, solution design, development, testing and implementation. Our team gathers experts performing in different fields of activity. A talented set of product managers, solution architects, business analysts, developers, testers and graphic designers comprise our energetic team.

Our Amazing SERVICES

• IT Integration Services
• Software Development
• eGovernment solutions
• Cyber Security Services
• Support & Maintenance
• Big Data


How do WE DO IT?

Our technical competencies

We offer shorter delivery and competitive prices for our developed solutions. We develop and enrich their applications with new functionalities. We deliver reliable and secure products suitable for all environments.

We deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio using the following technologies:

• Artificial Intelligence
• Big Data
• Cloud Computing
• Geographic Information Systems
• UI & UX Design
• Mobile Banking
• Network & Infrastructure
• Portals


Life at Trencadis

We are permanently focused on growing our team's potential, by exploring our passions, getting out of our comfort zone, building lasting connections, and working for our common goal. We grow together while delivering our best results.


We grow together

We're a group of ambitious, creative, autonomous people who believe that:

Technology must be an art that is always in the service of people.

Our team can innovate, build, model, and thus contribute actively to the development of society.

The success of a well-done project is a business card that recommends us for future projects.

Alt oras, BUCURESTI, Cluj Napoca, Satu-Mare
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