RightClick began in 2014 when a group of entrepreneurs, with a background in the development of financial software, set out to help banks to manage their instances of a banking system called Summit. To streamline the testing of new versions of Summit, and offer banks a way to expedite upgrades, the group developed a robot that can perform the required testing activities in an automated way.  This robot was called RightClick TMS.

TMS records the daily activities of business users and then automates these activities for use as tests that are executed on each new release, ensuring functional correctness and detecting changes to the behavior of the new software. 

TMS was met with enthusiasm by the banking community and has been widely adopted due to its ease of use, non-technical nature, and powerful automation capabilities. It wasn’t long before our clients requested that TMS be extended to work with other software applications.  


In 2019, RightClick further expanded into the automation space, releasing RightClick Deploy, a platform for automatic software deployment in enterprise environments.

Over time, we proved that the solid automation principles and business-focused approach of TMS and Deploy can be applied to any repetitive process, leading us to develop RightClick RPA – a user-oriented process automation platform for the digitalization of business workflows.


Today, our activities are channeled into three major streams: Summit-focused business and technical consultancy; test automation for a wide range of software applications; and robotic process automation (RPA) tools and services.

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