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Tek Experts is a multinational IT company that is offering high-class technical support and customer success management for products of top IT vendors.

We are working on global markets supporting some of the biggest companies in the world. We have offices in Malta, USA, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Nigeria and Vietnam. We are a company that cherishes uniqueness and rewards exceptional people.

We care about the work we do, the companies we partner with and the customers they serve. We foster an environment of collaboration and trust where everyone feels part of something great.

Join the Tek Experts team in Malta! Besides your career development, living in Malta will give you the opportunity to enjoy one of Europe’s prime vacation spots. This charming Mediterranean island has a warm almost all year-round climate. Just a few hours away by plane from most European countries. Most of the major airlines and low-cost airlines make flights to Malta very affordable.

We put strong emphasize in creating the right working environment and team spirit, through team building activities and more.

Looking for your next career move but want something different? Why not relocate to Malta?

Nestled in the beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea, Malta’s prime location as a gateway to Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with its membership to the European Union, means it’s universally attractive. The widespread use of English brings a wide pool of talent from all over the world.   

Malta’s appeal lies in the combination of its gorgeous sunny climate, boasting around 300 days of sunshine a year, coupled with the fact that English is spoken by around 90% of the population while retaining cultural diversity. Once people research the cost of living, schools, social networks and quality of life, it becomes a much easier decision to move here.   

It’s a very attractive location for bilinguals wanting to experience a different culture, improve their English all whilst working in the EU. We actively encourage this diversity and have jobs where their languages like French, German and Italian are valuable to us. 

"Living in Malta means for me, the fact that the weather speaks for itself, the beaches and historical sites are a plus, as well as our traditional Mediterranean style Maltese food make it good place to work.  If you compare it to other EU countries, the cost of living in Malta isn’t too high." - Paul Muscat, Customer Advocate Manager in Malta

We’re hiring bilingual technical and non-technical passionate team players. Where ever you are in the world, join us on this beautiful, sunny, fun and relaxing Mediterranean oasis, and develop your career further. We promise an exceptional experience and the opportunity to shape the services we offer and the spirit of our office.

What is it like working at Tek Experts?

"I like working here because I’m able to work in a multinational environment which is a valuable asset. Knowing how to manage people’s issues, even when they’re complex and still have a positive approach to problem solving is a great skill that I have had the chance to develop further. I’m also given the opportunity to develop my leadership skills and to take the initiative. I’m continuously learning and growing professionally, and have a great team of people working with me, who I enjoy collaborating with very much.
Continuous learning and online training courses are offered to us on a regular basis. Some are related to using a new tool, others are about how to make the most of current ones. I’m also part of the training team, which gives me further experience on how to train new team members and different types of learners. I also get to sharpen my presentation skills and knowledge transfer techniques.
" - Paul Muscat, Customer Advocate Manager

"I moved to Tek Experts because I love traveling and this role gave me the chance to do this on a regular basis. I think I would die if I didn’t get the opportunity to explore different cultures and countries. I’ve already been to London, Vienna, Munich, Zurich, Bangalore (India) and a few others. I visit these amazing cities to work on Apttus’ customer’s sites on large scale projects, which is very exciting. My job as a Solution Architect is great for me because I get into the nitty gritty of a customer’s problem, they tend to be complex and business critical projects and I am always learning something new. I also get to work with different clients in different industries that keeps me interested in my job and I get to explore and try new solutions to issues.
People will thrive at Tek Experts if they are willing to dive into the unknown, learn to swim fast and have the passion to explore uncharted waters.
" - Andrey Stoyanov, Solution Architect Apttus

"There are so many reasons why I like it here. It’s the relationships and flexibility as well as the experience and the opportunities to grow professionally. I asked management if I could be moved to a different product (databases) because it looked more interesting to support, they made it happen. Now I’m working towards now becoming a manager, I’m young and want to have a long career and I can see my future here.
Two bits of advice of anyone thinking of a long-career with us:
- Don’t worry you are going to be fine.
- Dream big and be prepared to work for what you want, we’ll help you to get there.!" - Ljubitsa Trendafilova, L1 Software Engineer/Team Leader

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