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Industrie: IT&C Software


ACROM is a Professional IT System Integrator, operating primarily in the European space.
Our goal is to deliver tangible results for business at a quality level of services that few other companies are realistically willing to attain, and certainly not at our price levels.

We are a team of specialists dedicated to make technology meaningful and useful. We value intelligence and technical skills. From Bachelor's with good technical certification record, to Ph.Ds trained overseas, we gather them all to make sure we can solve any problem you may have. Or simply advise about.

If you are simply looking for a job, then ACROM may not be the right place for you. Sorry.
If you are looking for a way of living, working and innovating in the tech industry, then that might be of interest.
If you are a B.Sc, M.Sc or Ph.D. and/or have technical expertise, then you are speaking our language.
If you have a respectful demeanor, have a professional attitude and speak English flawlessly,
then you are speaking our customers’ language as well.
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