Who We Are and What We Do

Bunge Limited (NYSE: BG) is a leading global agribusiness and food company founded in 1818 and
headquartered in White Plains, New York. Bunge has more than 25,000 employees in over 30 countries


Our Mission

Our role in the world is to enhance lives by improving the global agribusiness and food production chain:
To help farmers grow more crops, to transport and process those commodities efficiently and safely, and to
create affordable, high-quality food products that people trust and enjoy.


Bunge in the World

Bunge is a leading agribusiness and food company with integrated operations from the
field to the table.
• manufacturing fertilizer and animal nutrition products in South America,
• originating oilseeds and grains from the world’s primary growing regions and transporting them to
• customers in approximately 80 countries,
• crushing oilseeds to make meal for the livestock industry and vegetable oil for the food processing, food
• service and biofuel industries,
• producing bottled vegetable oils, mayonnaise, margarines and other food products for consumers,
• milling wheat and corn for food processors, bakers, brewers and other commercial customers.


Leadership Positions

Bunge is a leader in the world’s most important agricultural production regions and consumption markets. We are:
• one of the world’s largest oilseed processors,
• a leading seller of branded consumer vegetable oil, margarine and mayonnaise,
• the world’s largest corn dry miller,
• the largest bottled oil producer and marketer in Europe,
• a leading supplier of premium edible oils to the U.S. food service industry,
• the largest manufacturer and seller of fertilizer in South America.

Bunge in Europe

Bunge Europe Key Facts
• Bunge Europe Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland
• 6’000 Employees
• 20+ Facilities
• 18 Countries of Operations
• 3 ports in Latvia, Russia and Turkey
• 3 Research and Development Centers


• We import soybeans from the Americas and process these into meals and oil for the Europe feed and food industry.
• We originate grains in Easter Europe and trade grains coming both from outside and inside Europe for distribution to the European, Mediterranean and Middles Eastern markets.
• We process soybeans and oilseed, primarily rapeseed and sunflower seeds through a network of facilities.
• We sell meals to livestock industry.
• We are also moving to expand agribusiness operations in Eastern Europe. In the past several years we have acquired and built plants, elevators and port terminal in this region.
• We have a Joint Venture with Saipol, first crushing and refining sunflower and rapeseed company in France.


We produce and market bottled oils, margarines and other food products to consumers. Bunge is the largest bottled oil producer and marketer in Europe.

Amongst our major bottled oil brands are: Amongst our major margarine brands are:
Floriol in Hungary, Romania and Poland Deli Reform in Germany
Ideal in Russia Manuel in Poland
Kaliakra in Bulgaria Smakowita in Poland
Kujawski in Poland
Oleina in Russia and Ukraine
Rozumnitsa in Ukraine
Unisol in Romania
Venusz in Hungary


• By building partnerships, we produce and develop biodiesel from softseed.
• Our joint venture in biodiesel with Sofiproteol, Diester Industries International, has operations in Austria, Germany and Italy.

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