Discover Snyk — New Cybersecurity Company to Keep an Eye On

Why Snyk?

You might wonder why you should keep an eye on Snyk, particularly in Romania. The answer lies in Snyk's unwavering dedication to its core values: One Team, Care Deeply, Customer Centric, and Forward Thinking. Snyk isn't just a workplace; it's a community of passionate individuals driven by a shared mission — to make the world a more digital place by empowering organizations to develop fast and stay secure. 

When security trusts the software devs create, business is free to innovate without limits. That’s where Snyk (pronounced “sneak”) comes in. Snyk leads the category of developer security, whereby developer, security, and operations teams effectively collaborate to integrate security throughout the entire software development lifecycle. This approach has disrupted the legacy cybersecurity market, transitioning the industry away from slow, burdensome cybersecurity approaches.

Operating as One Team

Founded in 2015, Snyk has since grown to a united global team of 1,300+ employees and currently has two Romanian based offices, in Cluj and Bucharest. The teams in Romania operate in a similar rhythm to other Snyk hubs, as One Team. Both offices bolster a strong community, with employees feeling motivated by one another and eager to be part of the larger Snyk mission. While being part of a larger organization, the workplace environment across these hub locations has a start-up-like energy; everyone is connected and making tangible impact daily. 

As Snyk continues to grow in the region, you’ll be challenged, working on things you’ve never done before, with the opportunity to build, design, create, and contribute — and the support to do your best work. They’re committed to employee development through a combination of learning investments, regular feedback, annual talent reviews, and an internal mobility program known as ‘Snykers on the Move’.

Snykers in Romania like to spend time together! Monthly happy hours, weekly lunches, quarterly socials, and bi-annual SnykOut celebrations provide employees with time to connect with their local teams outside of work. Check out Life at Snyk in action

Creating Positive Change 

Snyk strives to be better every day. Whether that’s in business practices, inclusion initiatives, or professional development, they Care Deeply. Their commitment also extends beyond cybersecurity, embracing the broader responsibility to drive positive social impact. Snyk is building a more inclusive industry and powering a sustainable, secure world through impact programs, partnerships, and global engagement. This past year, Snykers in Romania undertook a renovation to create a vibrant and conducive learning environment in a school in Ciucea. Learn more about Snyk Impact

Snyk knows it’s critical to employees, and their families, that a strong foundation of diverse core benefits is offered. From health insurance, flexible working hours, gym programs, work-from-home allowances, in-office perks, and time off for learning and personal growth, among others, Snyk encourages employees to prioritize their health, wellness, financial security, and work- life balance.

Snyk is proud of its globally distributed organization. However, sometimes that also means it can be hard to unplug and focus on life outside of work. That’s part of why they launched Snyk Recharge — an initiative that enables all Snykers to take time off simultaneously, ensuring everyone focuses on their mental and physical health. Learn more about their dedication to making time to take time

Delivering Value 

Snyk’s Customer Centric mindset enables leaders at hundreds of organizations to confidently rely on Snyk to secure their innovative products and unlock business success. Snyk leverages a developer-first culture, building security solutions and adapting quickly to market changes to provide an outstanding customer experience, leading to adoption and high satisfaction. Learn more about their customers.

Snykers in Romania foster strong collaboration, inclusion, and transparency in the ways they work and support each other, ultimately driving business impact for customers. The work that employees are doing has a measurable and meaningful impact on how users implement developer-first security to reduce risk and increase developer productivity. This extends beyond strictly technical teams —  every team member at Snyk contributes to their vision for a more secure digital world. 

Shaping the Future 

Innovation is not just an industry buzzword at Snyk — it is part of their Forward Thinking core value. Snyk is driven by an ambition to inspire trust and lead the industry, surpassing limits to build unparalleled technology. Snyk employees do not shy away from challenging work; they embrace it. 

Avenues such as innovation spotlights, AI hackathon, and speaker series provide employees with the resources, support, and autonomy they need to bring their bold ideas to life. Through working on cutting-edge projects, Snykers are encouraged to take smart risks, tackle difficult situations, and fail forward — so long as they learn and implement solutions. Limitless innovation begins with trust. Trust begins with Snyk.

Join the Snyk Team

If you’re looking for a workplace where each day presents new challenges and opportunities for growth, diversity is celebrated, and collaboration thrives, Snyk wants to hear from you.

You can learn more about openings in Romania here and stay updated with #LifeAtSnyk on LinkedInSecure your future with Snyk!

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