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1.Why do your employees love your company?
Based on the survey we conducted to understand our employees' preferences, here are the aspects they value the most within our company:
  • Work/life balance: 80% of our employees appreciate the balance between work and life. At Regnology, we foster a flexible working environment meant to accommodate diverse needs across our colleagues. We are building teams beyond the boundaries of an office and support “working from anywhere” models within your country, as long as we remain compliant to local regulations.
  • The opportunity to innovate & learn: To promote our culture of sharing knowledge, in 2023 we introduced our internal mobility initiative. This program allows colleagues to move to other roles for a period to enhance their knowledge and bring a new perspective to projects. Some of our colleagues have even embarked on a new career path and made a permanent move to another position!
  • The understanding of what is required for success in their roles: 80% of our colleagues mentioned they know what they need to do to be successful in their roles. Establishing clear expectations for each role and cultivating a culture of prompt feedback empowers our colleagues at Regnology. Guided by their immediate managers and utilizing the available development tools, they can easily identify the necessary steps for successfully fulfilling their roles.


2.How has the culture of respect been created?

  • Act with respect and embrace diversity – as one of our guiding values: We believe that diversity makes us stronger. We appreciate and leverage our individual and collective skills, backgrounds, and experiences as a resource. We take pride in our diverse workplace, which has been recognized with the prestigious Pride Award provided by Uhlala group.
  • Establishing Standards: we clearly communicate expectations for respectful behavior through codes of conduct, policies, and guidelines (internal code of conduct embedded in onboarding steps).
  • Employee Feedback: we create channels for employees to provide feedback on the workplace culture and foster a feedback-based environment. This environment is supported by various initiatives, including our “how to give effective feedback” workshops.
  • Leadership Trainings: When leaders consistently demonstrate respect in their interactions, it sets an example for the entire organization.



3.What is unique about the bonus, benefits, or compensation that you provide?

The uniqueness of a Regnology's compensation package lies in our ability to align with the organization's culture, values, and the specific needs and preferences of our employees. We are continually assessing and adjusting our benefits package to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

  • Competitive Salary: compensation package is specifically tailored to attract top talent in a competitive market according to industry standards.
  • Referral bonus: offering our colleagues the option to gain an extra incentive for referring friends or former colleagues to join our team.
  • Recognition Methods: We have various bonus initiatives for outstanding performance and remarkable collaboration to motivate employees to excel in their roles. One of those is initiated by colleagues, enhancing peer recognition and cross-functional collaboration.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements: Offering flexibility in work hours or the ability to work remotely.
  • Generous Leave Policies: Offering above-average vacation time, study leave, or other time-off benefits.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Investing in employees' growth through training programs, educational assistance, or mentorship opportunities, demonstrating a commitment to their career development.
  • Unique Perks: Offering distinctive country specific rewards such as health insurance, pet-friendly offices, transportation subsidies, or other non-traditional benefits that enhance the workplace experience.


5.What programs do you have in place to create a loved workplace for all employees?

Building a loved workplace involves fostering a culture of inclusion, appreciation, and support. Here are some programs and initiatives that we have implemented:

  • Team Building & Social Events: our Sports and Social committee made up of our own employees arranges team-building events and sport and social activities to strengthen relationships among team members and foster a sense of camaraderie and create a positive environment.
  • Community Involvement and Volunteer Programs: we encourage our employees to engage in community service or volunteer activities (marathons, WeHelp initiative), fostering a sense of social responsibility and teamwork. Regnology also donates hardware it no longer uses to charities to assist vulnerable individuals (e.g., the Red Cross).
  • Regular Feedback and Communication: we establish open lines of communication for regular feedback, ensuring employees feel heard and valued.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Programs: we establish initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion, such as training programs and affinity groups (Ally network, pride award).
  • Employee Recognition Programs: Implement programs to acknowledge and celebrate employee achievements and milestones, whether through formal awards, shout-outs in meetings, or social recognition platforms (new hires post, anniversary post, employee spotlights, regular team-related posts to celebrate success on MS Teams).



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