HCLTech is a global technology company, home to 221,000+ people across 60 countries, delivering industry-leading capabilities centered around digital, engineering, cloud and AI powered by a broad portfolio of technology services and products. We work with clients across all major verticals, providing industry solutions for Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Technology and Services, Telecom and Media, Retail and CPG, and Public Services.

Our purpose is to bring together the best of technology and our people to supercharge progress. We’re supercharging progress for everyone, everywhere – our clients, partners and their stakeholders, our people, communities, and the planet.

Part of the HCL group, HCLTech was listed on the stock exchanges in India at the turn of the millennium in December 1999. Since our inception, we have pioneered several industry mainstays and established leadership positions in all our chosen segments.

As a company, we are deeply focused on accelerating our ESG agenda. We are also creating technology-enabled sustainable solutions with and for our clients and partners. We embed ESG imperatives into every aspect of our business and ensure that the progress we supercharge is responsible, inclusive and beneficial to all our stakeholders in the long term. We have committed to achieving net zero by 2040.

We recognize the impact that a business like ours can deliver in elevating communities globally, and we continue to improve our efforts and take decisive actions that benefit the communities in which we work and live. Through the HCL Foundation, the CSR arm of HCLTech, we have invested more than $130 million in social development efforts serving communities throughout India across education, health, water, sanitation and hygiene, skill development and livelihoods, environment, and disaster risk reduction, response and management.

We’re powered by our people – a global, diverse, multi-generational talent - representing 161 nationalities whose unique spark, perspective and boundless passion drive our culture of proactive value creation and problem-solving.

Consolidated revenues as of 12 months ending September 2023 totaled $12.9 billion.

We have been named a Global Top Employer for 2023 and certified as a Top Employer in 25 countries by the Top Employers Institute across three regions, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe, for consistency in people practices across the globe. Of the 25 countries, HCLTech is ranked number one in 18 countries, including Romania. These accolades demonstrate our commitment to fostering a work environment with an innovative and a progressive work culture. To learn how we can supercharge progress for you, visit hcltech.com.


Why join us/Know who we are 

In 1976, there were only 250 computers in India. It was then that Shiv Nadar, the founder of HCL, led a team of eight young people who passionately believed in the power of information technology. From that vision, grew a global enterprise that redefined the Indian IT industry.  

Today, HCLTech (which spun off as a separate unit in 1991) is one of the leading IT service providers worldwide, with a revenue of $12.8 billion. But while we may be a globally recognized leader in the tech and IT industry, we’ve never forgotten the start-up mindset that got us here.  

We’ve always approached our work with an idea-first attitude because every one of our accomplishments—no matter how big or small—can be traced back to an idea’s single spark.  

It’s that spark—that inner drive—that sets our people apart from our competitors. It enables us not just to pull off game-changing feat after game-changing feat but to better our world in the process.  

At HCLTech, you’ll supercharge your potential.   You’ll find your career.  And you’ll find your spark.  All at a place that knows that helping its customers stay on top starts by putting its people first. 

We offer:

  • career opportunities on your terms
  • enriching job experiences
  • an employment that you can trust in 
  • a diverse, international culture that values your whole self 

We have been named as Global Top Employer for 2023 and certified as a Top Employer in 25 countries across three regions by the Top Employers Institute for consistency in people practices across the globe.  

We have been recognized as a top employer in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, United Kingdom and the United States. Of these 25 countries, we are ranked number one in 18 countries.  

HCLTech has also received top honors in the key 3 geographies of its operations -Top Employer Europe 2023, Top Employer Asia Pacific 2023 and Top Employer North America 2023.   

These accolades demonstrate our commitment to fostering a work environment with an innovative and a progressive work culture.  


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at HCLTech 

Our DEI strategy has been designed to ensure that every employee feels included and valued. By fostering a climate free of bias, where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic, we are a result oriented and caring organization that nurtures intellectual strength and produces innovative solutions from the synergy of its people.  
We endeavor to create and maintain a world class workplace. We strive to achieve this by creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere where all our employees, regardless of rank or station, are treated equally.  
We pride ourselves in being a company that focuses on building bridges that leads humanity into a sustainable and equitable future. This ideology of ours reflect our efforts to be diverse, equal, and inclusive with our entire workforce. We are operating currently in 60 nations and have employees from more than 150 nations. DEI is imperative for the future of HCLTech, and we have set up clear policies, processes, and governance structure to oversee our performance. Since 2016, an independent committee of the board guides and drives our DEI strategy.  

 Inclusion at HCLTech 

We believe that integrating inclusivity into the organization’s DNA is an ongoing process and one that requires commitment from each employee to ensure that its presence is ubiquitous and commonplace in each of our workplace interactions to mitigate unconscious bias. Attributes like empowerment, accountability, courage and humility must be practiced on daily basis.  

Through ‘Fostering Inclusion’ program, HCLTech strategized its continued efforts to bring entire organization under the umbrella of active display of inclusive behaviors, this will result in building more collaborative, innovative and productive teams free from unconscious bias.  

  1. Inclusion Lab: In order to build inclusive leadership capabilities and drive a culture of inclusion across the workplace, we established a virtual Inclusion Lab. The program provides a narrative as to why inclusive leadership is critical to business success and clearly lays down micro strategies to make it real. The Inclusion Labs adopt a top-down approach to improve the “inclusion quotient” of senior leaders, business leaders, and people leaders.  
  2. Inclusion@Scale: With an objective to ensure that each employee takes a responsibility to commit to Inclusion ensuring that its presence is ubiquitous as a default way to functioning in each of our workplace interactions.  
  3. Communities of Practice: Social learning is learning by observing other people with the goal of adapting behavior in a social context. This is one of the most effective methods to disseminate moral and ethical knowledge. HCLTech has refined the process of social learning and utilized it to further the message of diversity and inclusivity believing that it is the best way to propagate HCLTech’s DEI stance.  

  Disability inclusion 

Our robust disability inclusion programs focus on successful integration of disabled employees by ensuring an inclusive and accessible workplace. Several measures have been taken to employ, enable and engage individuals with disabilities.  

Employ — to promote disability hiring we have identified roles suitable for hiring disabled talent, partnered with vendors, NGOs and NPOs to access skilled talent pools and participate in job fairs. A campaign to self-identify disability is also done periodically, allowing each employee the opportunity to self-identify any disabilities.  
Enable — the majority of our premises are equipped with ramps, voice enabled lifts, PwD friendly washrooms, reserved parking spaces, emergency warning systems with both audio and visual alarms etc. We have also undertaken a detailed assessment by a third party to look at the effectiveness of our accessible features. We are cognizant about the technological accessibility and work towards making all our applications and portals accessible. We support policies like Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and Reasonable Accommodation Policy to ensure the rights of disabled employees.  
Engage — the Ability Connect Network employee resource group (ERG) was formed for employees with disabilities and their allies to connect, network and raise awareness on disability inclusion. There is a focus in promoting awareness and advocating positive change through sensitization and accessibility training sessions and workshops for managers, peers, HR, recruiters, hiring managers, admin and support staff on disability inclusion and promoting inclusive behavior in the workplace.  

LGBTQIA Inclusion 

LGBTQIA Inclusion at HCLTech aims to foster an inclusive, safe and supportive work environment for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual employees and allies. HCLTech prides itself as an organization with an open, transparent and inclusive culture. We focus on creating and sustaining an enabling environment for all our employees from varied backgrounds. We review and revise our policies and processes from time to time across all key workforce practices to reduce any kind of biases.  

Cultural inclusion 

Cultural inclusion is a belief that ensures that every individual is respected irrespective of their backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, their way of working and their lifestyles. We have identified local hiring as one of the material topics for HCLTech with a clear, long term plan to engage with local communities and ensure a talent pipeline. We recognize the impact it creates is a shared value; while we improve our talent pipeline and recognition in the local community, the local community also garners both direct and in-direct benefits. We make significant investments in developing talent in countries like Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Romania, Hungary, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Germany, France, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea and Brazil.  
Our expansion of offices to Tier 2 cities in India helps us retain a much more non-cosmopolitan community base enabling us to truly integrate ourselves with local societies. Our hybrid work workspace assists us in further expanding our workforce with potential prospects while we learn to invest in local talent for our mutual growth.  

As a company we believe that gender diversity will increasingly drive competitive advantage, now and into the future. The significance of gender diversity for us is evident from the high focus this derives from company’s stakeholders and board of directors. Gender parity and inclusion at all levels of hierarchy is our top priority, with a special focus given to increasing the representation of women leaders at key leadership positions. Our female employee ratio is a crucial metric that is reported and reviewed quarterly by the board.  

We employ women representing 29% of our workforce. Our gender diversity at board level is just over 30%. Our goal is to improve our gender diversity and have a target of 40% women in our overall workforce and 30% women in senior leadership roles. We also have clear roadmaps defined to improve our other diversity metrics.  

We have women-specific programs at all levels of the company hierarchy, which cater to their career development needs.  

  1. ASCEND is a flagship program offered to high potential mid-management women employees. The program aims to meet the critical business objective of building a robust female leadership pipeline that can move towards the upper echelon of leadership. The program has successfully completed seven rotations.  

  1. Stepping stones is a global program with a focus on equipping women in mid-management roles with the right skills and competencies to help them in their career growth.  

  1. Prelude is focused on role-based upskilling. The objective is to train and upskill women employees at strategic band levels for their next level roles to create a ready pool of women leaders for open positions.  



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