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We are a global agri-business with a six-continent supply chain. We can rely on the strong history of Nidera and COFCO Agri. With a long-standing market presence, we have a deep understanding of the world’s largest agricultural importing markets, including China. We aim to create a vertically-integrated global agricultural supply chain, supported by COFCO's unique position in China, strengthen worldwide origination, logistics and trading capabilities, and grow our business globally.

Cofco International in numbers:


  • Back Office - 1,169                                                             
  • Front Office - 1,202        
  • Asset Staff - 9,189

Locations: 35 countries globally

HEADQUARTER: Geneva, Switzerland

7 Regional Hubs:

  • APAC - Singapore
  • BRAZIL - Sao Paolo, Brazil
  • CHINA – Shanghai, China
  • EBSC - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • NOAM - Chicago,USA
  • SOCON - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • SSA – Stellenbosch, South Africa


Our products and services ranges from cutting edge seed science, sourcing, processing, storage and shipping to trading and marketing a wide spectrum of essential raw materials, including grains and oilseeds, sugar and soft like coffee and cotton.

Why they chose us?

Sergiu Voicu (former trainee), now Senior Execution Officer:

“The Internship in COFCO International Romania was from the start a challenge. This was my 4th and final internship and I could feel from the start the opportunity that I had in my hands and that I needed to take full advantage and make it something real. This company’s growth is sky rocketing at the moment, basically being the place where you want to be as you will be a part of the “pilots” that will lead this “rocket” to success, and you will be there with it.

At the beginning I was overwhelmed by the huge amount of information and I thought that I will not last a week here, but I did not want to give up yet. With the help of wonderful people, I managed to organize this big data blunder into concrete pieces of information, and I am still doing it after almost 2 years here. This is what I love the most: you will never, ever, say “That’s it, I have nothing else left to learn, time to move on”, because you always encounter something new, and you will advance in your career without even noticing. Nothing will come by itself, I had to prove that I am able to do everything as good as everyone else, this was my creed and until now, it was a good state of mind considering that I have passed the 6 months internship, and almost 1 and a half years afterword I am still here, piloting this awesome, fast moving business.“

Snejana Hodoba, Regional Execution Manager:

"It’s a special place to work and I wouldn’t trade the culture here for anywhere else. The work is always changing and I have to apply different skills, so I learn something new every day. Above all, Cofco people are team players. They add value and know how to blend their skill to get the best results. I am so proud of being a part of this team.”

Florin Bratucu, Trader:

“Cofco is a unique working environment which combines strong trading abilities of ex Nidera and Noble team with COFCO China biggest demand destination for bulk commodities in the world. Such a combination makes puts this company in pole position to succeed and win the world market. Being young and with a very strong desire to win, this company offers the best carreer opportunities for both young and experience individual passionate about international market.

In Balkans Cofco holds a dominant and strategic position with biggest silo terminal in the Constanta port assuring fast access to the world market for originated commodities in the region. With 13 years Professional experience in Trading and in love with international trade, we can assure you that in Cofco you can develop.

Commodity trading is a very specialized environment and a unique chance to build up long term career path. Very diverse projects and volatile markets keeps traders energized and motivated.

You can learn how to make things different, open new markets and draw new paths in order to create the competitive advantage for Cofco, that can differentiate exceptional companies from good companies. By working in a strong and powerful team, you can develop your skills, express your views and share new ideas in order to promote yourself as a Leader of the future. Most of current team members follow up same career path and grew to become recognized individuals in Balkans commodities trading.”

Elena Tararache, Logistics Officer:

“If I would be asked to say few words about my job at Cofco Romania, I would say that in this first year that I’ve spent here, I realized that we have professional, sociable and very young people in the office. From the first beginning I received a warm welcome and it was very nice to exchange my work experience with the new colleagues in order to help grow together the company in this last year. Thing that I may say it was achieved. I do hope that all of us will keep the good work and maintain our position as number one in this agriculture market.”

Cristina Vartolomei, Finance Manager:

“I joined the Cofco team a year and a half ago in the financial department and I would like to share with you part of my experience: working at Cofco International Romania is a great source of inspiration and continuous development. Here you will find always a creative and interactive environment. Here the financial department is more than just figures: Come and discover the challenges, overcome your boundaries and make the difference! You have this chance by joining our young and talented team! “

Adriana Hildan, Treasury and Reporting Coordinator:

“Working with Cofco Romania is a great opportunity of learning from the best and building a strong career. Being able to develop your skills in a young and friendly work environment where every employee has a stake in the company’s success makes the job worthwhile. Be prepared to face constructive challenges, to meet people from across the globe, to be encouraged to think outside the box, to laugh and experience beautiful moments that later on will become some of your best memories!”

Working at COFCO International

COFCO International is committed to developing our future professionals, managers and leaders. We invest in developing our people enhancing both management capabilities and leadership skills. We invest in training and development on a broad scale recognising that job related training is essential . Our ability to drive strategy, capitalise on opportunities and execute business decisions is vital to our business.

Our culture

Our culture is derived from our corporate values of integrity, teamwork, professionalism and innovation. All our employees strive for this collective personality starting with our supervisors and managers who model this culture. We are a truly international company with locations in 35 countries. This is evident in our regional headquarters in South America, North America, APAC and EMEA. The range and breath of our diversity enables us to see many perspectives leading to better innovation.

Our CIL principles can be summed up by a single Chinese character

This symbolizes“One Voice , One Team, One COFCO, One Dream

= 人 rén (person) - People first;

     = 一 (one) - One Voice, One Team, One COFCO, One Dream;

     = 口 kǒu (mouth) - Feed the world, Shared value.

Our Core Values are:

  • Integrity, which stands for Honesty, Compliance, Consistency, Speak-up;
  • Inclusiveness, which stands for Diversity, Equal Opportunities, Collaboration, Adapt to change;
  • Innovation, which stands for Organic Growth, Entrepreneurship, Collective Wisdom, Adding Value;
  • Sustainability, which stands for People Development, Responsibility, Risk Averse, Acting Strategically.

Joburi Cofco International:

Finance Trainee - 1 year

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