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Our mission

The quality of life of patients and their families is key to the success of all the companies in the healthcare market. We know that any individual medical practice, clinic, hospital, pharmacy or storage facility for medical products can rise to the challenge when they use software solutions that organize and streamline their entire business.  

In our 15 years in business, we have helped large and small healthcare companies alike deliver quality healthcare services more efficiently, faster or at a better price. 

The HTSS vision

We are building an integrated ecosystem of healthcare software solutions, ready to respond to the needs and challenges that arise in this field. 

We continuously learn from our partners’ experience and are aware of the latest trends in software. HTSS is more than just another IT company, it has a deep understanding of the activities and operations of the healthcare system. With our products, we aim to simplify the work processes of healthcare providers and improve the services they offer.

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