For Kellogg GBS the development of talent is top priority in 2019

Andrei Cornea, Talent Acquisition Advisor, has told us about the Kellogg`s adventure, what this experience meant for him and why you should come at Angajatori de TOP and apply at their career opportunities . In the following lines, you will have the chance to discover more things about Kellogg`s.

About the company

At Kellogg's we have a vision of enriching and delighting the world through foods and brands that matter; with the purpose of nourishing families so that they can flourish and thrive.We have a history over 100 years, operating in more than 180 countries, across 6 continents, with dedication and passion from each and every one of our 30,000 employees.
Our company based in Bucharest plays the role of a Global Business Services, providing great solutions and services for the business. We became the unique center of excellence for multiple processes in Finance, HR and Supply Chain which are delivered for the whole European region.

Elements that differentiate your company from others? 

When W.K. Kellogg gave away virtually all his wealth to the Kellogg Foundation in 1930, he created a legacy that lives on today. Not only does one of the world’s largest charities bear his name, but his legacy – and his values – also live on in the heart and soul of our company.This is the core that defines our continuing passion for the community and environmental causes, striving to make a difference year by year. For example, last year we have achieved in Bucharest 5050 hours of volunteering for children, families, others in need and for our environment.

Our employees also enjoy cross-functional initiatives that encourage them contribute to our company's values by living their passion and expressing themselves. Our people have the freedom to organize their own committees and plan the initiatives for their colleagues. All of us are encouraged to come up with ideas and take ownership for our well-being.
Our workplace is vibrant as our people have a great energy, and feeling safe in a diverse and inclusive environment (we have colleagues who joined us from Italy, Singapore, Australia, UK, USA, Germany and so on). Our people enjoy the international environment and take the benefit of experiencing multiple cultures and mind-sets, adding on our growth path.

Which was the most inspiring question received from a candidate, during the job interview?

The most inspiring question I received was: “What makes Kellogg unique?

What does performance mean for an employee?

We have an internal governance, measuring employee’s performance, based on business goals and also, their professional development goals. At the mid-year, the manager and employee discuss about the progress of the year plan. At the end of the year, there is a conversation around the performance overall, where both employee and manager share feedback and ideas for the future.

Which are the most special benefits or internal initiatives?

We offer a wide range of benefits, starting from team events to various discounts to several retailers. Few of our extra benefits are premium medical package, life insurance, and dental work reimbursement. We encourage employees to live their passions by offering them books and gym subscription, together with other discounts to fun activities.
All in all, our employees can find them on an online platform.

Which are your development plans in the next period?

Kellogg GBS focus in 2019 is to continue to build the future by enabling innovation, creating end-to-end processes and integrating technology. At the foundation of this growth, the development of talent remains top priority. Kellogg Bucharest grew in a fast pace since the activity started back in 2015 (from 30 employees to 300+ in 2019).
At the end of 2016 the number of employees in Kellogg GBS Bucharest was 228, in 2017, 261, while at the end of 2018 we reached 330 (the last wave of expansion coming with a new stream opened in 2018 - Supply Planning).As our focus is towards the future, new initiatives and experiences are brought to our center - Lean Six Sigma methodology, processes efficiency and continuous improvement.

How does the professional development of an employee look?

Kellogg Bucharest is focused on developing talent and offering opportunities to employees on various levels (learning opportunities, short/long-term assignments, mentoring and coaching, cross-functional projects and others). Taking care of the morale of our employees is also an important aspect, hence we invested in creating even a more vibrant workplace, open-door policy encouraging two-way communication, attractive package of various benefits, bonuses, medical and life insurance, training programs and cross-functional initiatives.

How do you involve in the professional development of your employees?

We extended the open space concept to a shared-communication culture, removing barriers and walls and encouraging our people to express themselves, in an open environment, from top down. Hierarchy is not one of our beliefs, as we perceive each other equally powerful to express our thoughts and drive action to achieve success. Moreover, we are focusing on developing our talent through mentoring sessions, 1:1 discussions and other learning experiences, insuring all the support needed for people's growth.

How does the recruitment process unveil and which are the instruments you frequently use?

The recruitment process starts with your application. After this, you can expect to be contacted by one of our Recruiters for a phone discussion, if you fit our profile. The next step is to meet our team during a face-to-face interview, where we would like to know you better, including your career aspirations. We’re always interested about your values and your passions, so don’t be afraid to express those authentically.

You have the chance to meet us at our booth at Angajatori de TOP, on 5-6th of April, at Sala Palatului. You will find out more about us, our organizational culture and career opportunities. Don't miss the career fair because is a nice way to interact with our specialists who have a great career path and experience on the industry.

Please describe your professional development. 

I’ve joined Kellogg Bucharest in July 2016, as Talent Acquisition Advisor, when the HR team has just been created. Before joining, I was working at different recruitment agencies, where I gained 6 years’ experience in all types of recruitment (blue and white collar, mass and executive, IT & engineering recruitment and others).
During my journey in Kellogg, I’ve had the opportunity to work with people from all around the globe, had exciting challenges that taught me valuable lessons and continuously grew along new roles.
After 2 years, I am leading a team of 8 Talent Acquisition Advisors, who are managing recruitment process for the entire Europe.

Also, we invite you to book your place as soon as possible at our SkillShop The power of first impression: Ever wondered how to introduce yourself in the business environment & #BeImpactful, Friday, 5th April, Room B, at 15:55.

See you there! :) 

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