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With a substantial focus on the East European market opportunities and competencies, FEV Group has decided to extend it's close to customer activities in Romania in 2016.  Since the foundation of FEV Romania the teams in Bucharest and Timisoara have not only offered their support to local customers, but also contributed to the global business growth.

The decision to have two offices in one country, despite being non-standard, has proven to be the right approach taking into account the different activities conducted in each location :

  • Bucharest, our Headquarter and center of excellence for Hardware activities

The possibility to perform engine calibration, sea-level and high-altitude testing in one day, linked with the temperate continental climate offer our specialists the perfect conditions to cover a wide range of Powertrain activities.
Electric and Electronic activities require access to domain specific infrastructure and the vehicle. All these are available within FEV Romania via the workshop area and the local partners.

  • Timisoara - Software Development Center

With worldwide known automotive presence and high quality services, Timisoara was the logical choice when it comes to Software development activities.

Following FEV's tradition, in close cooperation with local universities, both locations have training and on-boarding programs for students and junior engineers via Internships, as well as mentoring and sponsorship of diploma thesis. The success rate is measured in FEV by the number of students - future engineers that will be playing essentials roles in the organization. Currently, 80% of our Junior Engineers have completed an FEV internship and are now essential members of our teams.

The experience of Romanian engineers, coupled with their good reputation in the IT world and FEV's focus on high quality services, make FEV Romania a worthy partner in a large range of activities and projects.

BUCURESTI, Timisoara

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