Cognizant Softvision is a leading software product engineering company, creating impactful end-to-end digital products and solutions that connect brands with customers. Delivering sustainable innovation, agility and a connection that inspires engagement and business transformation, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest leading brands.

Cognizant Softvision has more than 5,000 product, design and engineering professionals across a network of global studios in 9 countries and five continents.

In Romania, Cognizant Softvision is now home to 2400+ Softvisioners, who work in a hybrid working model from one of our HUBS throughout Romania, in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timișoara, Baia Mare, from home, or remotely from any other city from the country.

Studio eXPerience is our human-centric concept for the future of work, and our new normal for clients and talent. For Softvisioners, optionality means flexibility via a hybrid working model that enables employees to determine where and when they work, redesigned studios and facilities that offer a more collaborative environment, and proprietary software that empowers employees to customize the experience they need and want while working.

Our Communities of Experts

We work as cross-functional teams. Each guild is a world-class community of expert talent in an area of expertise. Through our guilds, we connect talent from around the world and infuse technology and design innovation in every team.

Our cross-functional experts work together in Communities – fostering growth and idea sharing amongst each other with the foundational purpose of serving excellence in software product engineering. As technologies evolve, innovation becomes more competitive, and talent shortages remain steady, our communities allow us to scale craftsmanship amongst our experts, giving them a place to connect and the autonomy to thrive both personally and professionally.

Our communities are globally connected and locally represented at every Cognizant Softvision studio – setting the strategic direction, solutioning and support for our client accounts. They are a teaching system where everyone builds together. Being part of a Cognizant Softvision community means joining a group of people with similar skill sets, designed to help gather and share knowledge – expanding the expertise and careers of its members and ultimately fueling the growth of our business.

PRODUCT Guild: Product Delivery, Product Strategy, Experience Design

ENGINEERING Guild: Enterprise Coffee, Enterprise .Net, Full Stack Web, Android, iOS, Mobile Cross Platform, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics, DevOps, Quality Engineering

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Cognizant Softvision Romania Employee Benefits

• Flexible Work Schedule - Outside of main work hours, you can create a schedule that suits your needs.

• Hybrid workplace - Whether you like to work from home or go to the office, the choice is yours!

• Annual Vacation Days - 26 days to relax, explore and spend time with loved ones.

• Trainings, workshops and certifications, unlimited Udemy subscription and more.

• Private medical package

• Meal tickets

• Referral bonuses

• Life insurance

• Banking services

In the capital of Transylvania, we have 11 Cognizant Softvision Studios, situated all over the city, some of them centrally and others in key points of the city. Cognizant Softvision was established here in 1998, and since then the company has expanded in other cities of Romania.

Currently, in Cluj-Napoca we have a team of more than 400 Softvisioners that are permanently looking for development and evolution.

In all of our Studios you can find relaxation areas – ranging from playing zones, to pavilions, a friendly atmosphere and a perfect work environment to balance work and fun.

If you want to be a Softvisioner in Cluj-Napoca, apply to our jobs!

With more than two million people and home to 84 embassies and 35 universities, Bucharest is the capital and financial center of Romania. Softvisioners at Bucharest come from all corners of the country and even from abroad, with big ambitions and even bigger dreams to work in our three Studios. On October 19-20 2019, Cognizant Softvision organized in Bucharest the biggest coding contest in Romania with over 200 attendees, grouped in 43 teams. With $ 70,000 in prizes, the event rewarded three projects based on health, AR, and community improvements.

Starting with 2020, we have three locations in Bucharest, with our new Studio at Timpuri Noi Square.
Located in a developing business center overlooking the Dambovita River, TNO3 is within walking distance to the center of the city and right next to the Timpuri Noi metro station.

If you want to be a Softvisioner in Bucharest, apply to our jobs!

In the capital of Banat we have three Cognizant Softvision Studios, centrally situated,   that are full of amazing memories… and we have storage space for some more.

We have been present in Timișoara since 2012 and we grew in a team of around 200 motivated people that thrive for success and are always in search of innovation.


Our colleagues work from two Studios near town center and our newly opened Studio at United Business Center 3, where they benefit from flexible spaces, with an avant-garde design and relaxation areas, which stimulates their creativity and increases their efficiency.

 If you want to be a Softvisioner in Timișoara, apply to our jobs!

In Iasi we have two Studios with more than 270 passionate Softvisioners working in the city. Both are close to the city commercial center and inspire a positive and dynamic vibe through their design.

Aria Office Center is close to Palas Garden in the city center and from the Studio you have a great view of The Palace of Culture, the most important landmark in Iași. Centro Office is close to Iulius Mall and has easy access to all city zones, including the center. Iasi Softvisioners are mostly from the Northern and Eastern regions of Romania, as well as from Moldova.

If you want to be a Softvisioner in Iași, apply to our jobs!

In Baia Mare we have one Studio, situated very close to the Old Town Centre and to the Sasar River. Our team has grown to around 200 passionate and dedicated people that are constantly looking for new tech discoveries.

Our colleagues like to end their work days playing the guitar and singing in the park or enjoying a cup of coffee on the terrace looking at the city and its surrounding mountains.

If you want to be a Softvisioner in Baia Mare, apply to our jobs!


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