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Technology is developing more as the days go by, even now when you are reading these lines. Are you curious about the last insights and you want to know what happens in this domain? Do you want to exchange thoughts with professionals? If the answer is ,,yes’’ we invite you to participate at TechTalks where theory and practice are one, and where you can be closer to the new trends in tech field.

Why TechTalks?

  • Conferences and TechLabs will bring you the insights of 2018;
  • Managers from IT&C industry will test your knowledge;
  • You will be part in case studies, trends, innovations;
  • You will find the specialists oppinions regarding your personal projects (networking area);
  • New ideas about how to deal with the unexpected situations during projects;

TechTalks Agenda:


  • Live demonstrations, case studies and presentations of the best companies projects
  • Tracks are divided into keynotes  (lasting 30 minutes each) and covering topics as: Software Development, Machine Learning, AI, IoT & Automotive, Web Technologies, FinTech;
  • Each keynote will end with Q&A Session;
  • Limited number of seats.


  • Interactive and technical workshops where you can participate at debates about programming languages, working methodologies and new concepts;
  • Companies will bring in front the best practices;
  • Each TechLab lasts 45 minutes;
  • Limited number of seats - 30 participants.

What have we prepared?




9 TechLabs

6 TechLabs

2 Conferences with 6 keynotes each

3 Conferences

           25+ national and international speakers
           25+ national and international speakers

600+ Participants

800+ Participants


You can find the Agenda of both TechTalks Bucharest and TechTalks Timisoara bellow:

                       Timisoara                                                                  Bucharest

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            TechTalks Timisoara
            TechTalks Bucharest 


Last edition gathered over 600 participants and according to their feedback, over 80% were satisfied with the technical content delivered.

Plug your charger and connect to the latest IT news!



About TechTalks  |  Agenda  |  Other info  |  Location

The biggest event from Timisoara for IT professionals is back in town! This spring we have prepared for you 2 days of TECH, INNOVATIONS and INSIGHTS. Do you want to find out more?

TechTalks is at its' 8th edition this March. We have created the ideal environment for information exchange during the specialized Conferences and TechLabs with over 25 local and international speakers.

There is no entrance fee but the seats are limited (book your seat right now)

Our partners from this edition 

The event covers topics related to Autonomous Driving, Software Development, Machine Learning&AI, Telecommunications, IOT & Embedded Software in Automotive Industry, IT Support and IT Consulting.

What we had prepared this edition?

  • 2 Conferences focused on the latest technologies in Software Development (java, .net, php, javascript), and IOT&Embedded Software in Automotive Industryat each Conference will attend 200 participants.
  • Technical Labs – interactive technical workshops which will cover topics related to Autonomous Driving, Software Development, Machine Learning&AI, IT Support, IT Consulting;
  • More than 25 local and international speakers will attend the event;
  • Networking Area with demo testing, sharing the lates technologies and information with the event partners.


The agenda is being updated

16th of March
Room B Company Topic
13:45 – 15:45 BeeSpeed

Automotive Active Safety Systems

17th of March
Room  B Company Topic
10:30 - 11:15 Microsoft
11:35 - 12:20 Elektrobit Automotive Romania Automated car, exploring complexity with EB solutions
12:40 – 13:25
Future X Network - Nokia Bell Labs Perspective
13:45 - 15:45
Visma Software Visma Software TechLab: Hands-on Serverless Architectures

17th of March
TechTalks C onferences
Conference Rooms  Companies Conference Topic
11:00 – 15:20 NEXTFREE Limited
SAP Romania
ACI Worldwide
Helios Vision
Security Espresso

Software Development Conference
11:00 – 15:20

LINK Mobility GmbH
Wipro's automotive Center of Excellence - Romania

IoT & Embedded Software in Automotive Industry Conference


Other useful information for you

  • There is a limited number of seats (for each Conference – 200 participants and 30 participants/TechLab);
  • The participation is free of charge;
  • During the presentations, candidates can ask questions regarding situations encountered during a project and find out the answers;
  • You can register for one or more TechLabs/Conference keynotes, but we recommend to pay attention to the date and beginning hours because the TechLabs or keynotes may overlap;
  • The event targets not only the innovations of various subdomains of the Tech world, but also the latest projects of top companies operating at national and international level;
  • To be up to date with all the news about the speakers, topics and more, we invite you to follow us on Facebook.


Be a member of our community and join the 600 IT enthusiasts!



Dedicated to IT passionate and professionals, TechTalks Bucharest returns! We are preparing a series of TechLabs and Conferences where companies put apart confidentiality to put you up to date with the most captivating projects.

We are creating the ideal environment for you to meet the biggest IT&C companies representatives and find out the latest news and insights from the technical field.

Last editions brought together over 1500 participants and over 85% were satisfied with the technical content delivered in the sessions. There is no entrance fee but the seats are limited!


What have we prepared for this edition?
           4                             6                             30+                                   20+                       

         Conferinte              TechLabs            IT&C Companies               Speakers     


Companies from previous editions:  

Event Agenda:

The agenda will be updated soon.

 24th of March

TechTalks C onferences
Room C    
10:30 - 12:00


12:30 - 13:45
Internet of Things & Automotive Conference

14:00 - 15:00 

Veeam Software
15:30 - 16:30

Conference: The future of Tech 


Hewlett Packard Enterprise
24th of March
Room A Topic Company
11:35 - 12:20 Automotive and IoT


13:45 - 14:30
Suspicious email analysis Secureworks
If you want to sign up for different Conferences or/and TechLabs you have to sign up on each one. The registration is free, but the numbers of seats are limited. 

To keep you updated follow us on Facebook. 


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