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Imagine it’s 2015 and if someone asks “what do you think 2020 will look like?” we bet that you wouldn’t have thought that you’d attend TechTalks straight from your home. Technology is something that we live in nowadays and is anything that wasn’t around when we were born. Finding out the latest insights and updates, getting your answers straight from TOP specialist has never been easier. All you have to do is to register to TechTalks ONLINE or TechTalks Timisoara ONLINE and be amazed by how theory and practice become one.

Why TechTalks Online?

  • Conferences and Tech Webinars will bring you the insights of 2020;
  • Managers from IT&C industry will test your knowledge;
  • You will be part in case studies, trends, innovations;
  • New ideas about how to deal with the unexpected situations during projects;
  • It's free of charge because all good things in life should be free;
  • You have the chance to be a part of one of the greatest IT communities;
  • You can attend any speech that you are interested into from any Conference or Tech Webinar, just pay attention to the beginning hours to avoid overlapping them when you register.

TechTalks ONLINE Agenda:


  • Live demonstrations, case studies and presentations of the best companies projects
  • Tracks are divided into keynotes (lasting 30/40 minutes each) and covering topics as: JAVA, DevOps, QA & Testing, AI & Machine Learning.
  • Each keynote will end with Q&A Session;
  • Unlimited number of seats.

Tech Webinars:

  • Interactive and technical workshops where you can participate at debates about programming languages, working methodologies and new concepts;
  • Companies will bring in front the best practices;
  • Each Tech Webinar lasts 45 minutes;
  • Unlimited number of seats.

What have we prepared?

TechTalks Timisoara


6 Tech Webinars

6 Tech Webinars

3 Conferences

3 Conferences

15+ national and international speakers

15+ national and international speakers

400+ Participants

800+ Participants


Click and find the Agenda of both TechTalks ONLINE and TechTalks Timisoara ONLINE!

Join us on Facebook events and be up to date to all the details:

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Last edition gathered over 600 participants and according to their feedback, over 80% were satisfied with the technical content delivered.

“A lesson learned should be a lesson shared" and this is the reason our speakers accepted our invitation. How about you? Will you accept it?

Plug your charger and connect to the latest IT news @ TechTalks ONLINE!



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