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PepsiCo a intrat pe piaţa romaneasca in anul 2004, achizitionand liderul pe piata de chips-uri de cartofi, compania Star Foods, prezenta in Romania inca din 1993. Astfel, PepsiCo a devenit unul dintre jucatorii principali pe piata de Snacks-uri din Romania.

Pepsi-Cola, un brand foarte important pentru PepsiCo, a fost prezent pe piata autohtona încă din perioada comunistă, bautura începând să fie fabricata, în România, în anul 1965.

În 1991, portofoliul de băuturi carbonatate al PepsiCo a început să fie produs şi distribuit printr-un nou sistem de franciză, cu implicarea Quadrant Amroq Beverages (QAB) ca îmbuteliator. QAB a produs şi distribuit băuturile răcoritoare sub licenţă PepsiCo, alaturi de produsele proprii, până în anul 2006, când a fost achiziţionat de către PepsiAmericas, al doilea îmbuteliator ca mărime din lume al produselor PepsiCo.

În martie 2010, PepsiCo a cumpărat cei doi mari îmbuteliatori ai săi, PepsiAmericas şi Pepsi Bottling Group, devenind astfel cea mai mare companie producătoare de produse alimentare şi băuturi răcoritoare din America de Nord şi a doua la nivel mondial, cu venituri anuale de aproximativ 60 miliarde de dolari şi insumand aproape 285.000 de angajaţi.

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Cele mai apreciate branduri din întreaga lume sunt reunite sub egida PepsiCo. În fiecare zi, mii de oameni din România se bucură de snack-urile și băuturile răcoritoare produse de PepsiCo.


PepsiCo offers a range of exciting internship programs for students and recent graduates who are looking to gain valuable experience in various fields. These programs are designed to provide interns with hands-on learning opportunities, mentorship from experienced professionals, and exposure to a dynamic and innovative work environment. Whether you're interested in a career in FMCG, either marketing, commercial or technical field, PepsiCo has an internship program that can help you grow your skills and advance your career. With a commitment to diversity and inclusion, PepsiCo welcomes applicants from all backgrounds and encourages them to bring their unique perspectives and ideas to the table. Read on to learn more about the different internship programs offered by PepsiCo.


 The FirstGen PepsiCo Commercial Management Trainee   Program at   PepsiCo offers an exciting opportunity for final-year   Bachelor's, Master's   students or young professionals with a   maximum of 3 years of professional   experience. From day one,   you will have real responsibilities that will give   you valuable,   real-world experience, as well as access to some of the world's   most iconic brands. You will work in tailored programs in   PepsiCo's   most well-known departments, and participate in the   most crucial projects to broaden your knowledge. The program   also provides a   supportive   environment where you can be   yourself, bring your curiosity, opinions, and   desire to learn,   develop, and grow. As a trainee, you will take on roles with the   most impact, with autonomy and ownership over projects,   and    the   support of a network of skilled leaders who are   available     and willing to offer   valuable insights at every step of
 your   journey. In addition to these opportunities, you will have   access to learning and development programs   to keep you engaged and help you grow. PepsiCo seeks candidates with   basic knowledge of business and management, an entrepreneurial mindset,  creativity, strong analytical skills, a keen eye for detail, and the ability to   work independently and as part of a team. The company is looking for   candidates who are dedicated to self-development, focused on results, and   have a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and willingness to take responsibility.

PepsiCo's Bootcamp Intership for technical students is a highly sought-after program that provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience in their field of study. The program is designed for technical students with strong skills who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting.

During the 3-month Summer Traineeship, participants will work alongside experienced professionals in various technical roles within PepsiCo. They will be given challenging assignments and projects that will allow them to apply their skills and knowledge in a practical way. Additionally, participants will receive mentorship and guidance from their supervisors and colleagues, helping them to develop both professionally and personally.

At the end of the 3-month program, top performers will have the opportunity to extend their traineeship to a 1-year part-time program. This extended program will allow them to continue building their skills while working on more complex projects and taking on more responsibilities.

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